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Websites are the most essential thing to run a business or a blog site online . So everybody now wants to earn money easily by online. By this there are many questions that arise like, “how to make a website and what type of common knowledge you should know about or is coding necessary to make a website etc”. So let’s begin the  article and get your all queries solved.

Nowadays there are many people who earn money by websites and blogging through the internet . So today we started our blog about how to start a website and earn profit or run a business online . 

Difference between website or blog :-

So there is a basic difference between a blog or website is that if you want to run a business or share a platform for people to use your product ten you can start a website , but a blog is a simple platform where anyone can share his skills or knowledge for other benefits . Let’s discuss an example like amazon or google are websites they use to increase their sales or ads revenue. Whereas “aatalks” is a blog, which is managed on wordpress where i share my knowledge to others. Nowadays people prefer blogs more than websites because it is convenient to use and websites are more costly than blogs.  

Basic to make a website :-

The basic thing to make a website is a “domain name”. So you first purchase a domain name then hire a website designer or you can also design the programs by proper coding through you can also make a responsive design. Yes it costs much more when you  hire a professional into this.  So if you have basic coding knowledge you can also design websites on your own.

Is coding necessary to design a website :-

Yes, you must have a knowledge of website programming or website design. By this you can design a proper responsive website again you must have the knowledge of networking which helps you to design a website.There are many people who believe that there is no need of coding to design a website,but the truth  is that is a blog where no need of coding is required .

Basic to make a blog  :-

To make a blog you just need a “domain name” and a best “web hosting” plan.You just add this domain name with this web hosting plan then you install “wordpress” with your blog site then your blog is ready.Choose a topic and write your topic content with this platform.

How much it cost for you  :- 

As per we know if you want to make a professional blog or site it costs you a little more but less than to make a professional website. Therefore, a domain registration costs you about 500 rs. Same way for web hosting it costs around 4k-5k rupees with the best service plan. If you want to plan a free blog then go for or which can help you to make a free  blog site.

Is there any coding knowledge necessary  :-

No, there is no need of coding knowledge necessary for blogging but if you want to 

Make a professional website then you need a bit of knowledge in coding.

NOTE:- ( The basic is that if you want to share your knowledge and make a profitable earn by your reach then blog is the best way to earn money but if you want to make a company or a business site then a website is the best plan for you.)

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