How to withdraw PF Money from Aadhar Card 

Do you want to know about how to withdraw PF money from an Aadhar card? Through aadhar card, you can easily withdraw the bank balance deposited in your PF account online.

If sufficient balance has been deposited in your PF account and you want to withdraw it for any personal work, then this facility has now been made available online by the government. You can apply for this in a few minutes.

EPF i.e. Employee Provident Fund is a savings account created for government employees where part of their salary is deposited by the government to be used in retirement. But you can withdraw up to 75% of it for occasional use.

Link Aadhar With PF Account

However, this facility was not available online, so people had to stumble a lot to withdraw their own money and also had to pay a lot of money. But now you can apply online to withdraw PF money from your Aadhar Card while sitting at home.

In this article, I will tell you about the online method of how to withdraw PF money from an Aadhar Card, which will bring money to your salary account in a few days.

What documents do you need to withdraw PF money?

  1. Aadhar card and Pan card (for OTP verification)
  2. UAN number and password to login
  3. computer system
  4. Mobile (if you want to apply from mobile)
  5. PF account passbook
  6. Your salary account number and its scanned copy which is linked to PF account.

While doing EPFO ​​KYC, your Aadhaar number and PAN number will be asked. It is mandatory to link Aadhar card with PF account.

So let’s know how to withdraw PF money from an Aadhar card, How to withdraw PF, How to withdraw Provident Fund Balance from an Aadhar card,how to withdraw PF balance , PF Money Withdrawal Process.

How to withdraw PF money from Aadhar card :-

1. First of all, visit the official website of EPFO.

2. Login by entering your UAN (Universal Account Number), password and captcha. UAN number is given to all the employees, you can see it on the salary slip. After this you will need to activate it, only then you will be able to withdraw PF money from your account.

For this it is mandatory to link your mobile number with your PF account. You can find out your UAN (Universal Account Number) by visiting the website from the above link and clicking on the Know Your UAN button.

3. Once you login with UAN number and password, after this you will see the manage option in the menu given on the dashboard, click on it.

4. Check whether your aadhar card, pan and bank account is linked with a PF account by clicking on the KYC option. If not, first link it and then proceed.

5. After this, click on the View option and if your profile is not updated then update it. Here you can update information like name, address, photo, address, phone number, email id etc.

6. Go to Online Services and select CLAIM (FORM-31, 19, 10C & 10D) option.

7. Enter your salary bank account and verify it.

8. To make a claim, press the Proceed For Online Claim button.

9. Check the bank account details and if everything is correct then click on the “YES I AGREE” button.

10. Select the PF Advance Form 31 option I want to apply for.

11. Select the service, tell the reason for withdrawing your PF account, how much amount to withdraw, fill it in numbers i.e 50,000.

12. Type whatever is the address on the Aadhar card, enter the state, city, pin code and upload the scan copy of your salary bank account passbook.

13. Click on the “Get Aadhar OTP” button by ticking the box to accept the terms and conditions.

14. OTP will be sent to your mobile, enter it and submit it.

Here you have successfully applied to withdraw PF money from Aadhar Card.

After the application, you will be given an online receipt and a tracking code will be given so that you will be able to check online where you have reached the PF account process.

Keep in mind that the amount you want to withdraw should be 75% of your PF bank account amount. After checking it with a calculator, find out the exact number of the amount, then apply to withdraw PF money from the Aadhar Card.

For example, if I have 1 lakh rupees, then I will be able to withdraw 75% of it i.e. only 75000, you will be able to withdraw the remaining amount after your retirement.

After claiming PF, money is deposited in your bank account within 10 to 15 days, you keep checking it online in between. The thing to note here is that the money will be deposited in the same account which is linked to your PF account.

How To Withdraw PF Money With Aadhar Card On Mobile

How to withdraw PF money from an Aadhar Card through mobile phone, follow the steps given below carefully. For this you will need a smartphone.

  • Install Umang App and open it.
  • login by mobile number
  • Click on EPFO ​​service
  • Click on Login option
  • A window will popup where you need to type your UAN number and click on the Get OTP button.
  • An OTP will come on the registered mobile number, enter it and submit it.
  • After login successfully, click on Raise Claim.
  • Enter your bank account number and press the Next button.
  • Select Member ID, enter your full address and click on Next.
  • Select the claim type, select the reason for withdrawing PF.
  • Now fill the amount you want to withdraw.
  • Upload a photo of the bank account passbook and press the GET OTP button.
  • Now enter the OTP number which you have received and in the last step click on submit button.

You have successfully applied for how to withdraw PF money from an Aadhar Card from mobile.

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