What is Google Word Coach? |Games help you to learn new words?

Google word coach is a free vocabulary game designed by Google which helps us to improve our vocabulary further. Vocabulary is called Vocabulary in Hindi. That is, you can easily improve your English vocabulary by playing the game through Google Games. If you want to learn English easily then start playing the Quiz Game made by Google.

Google Word Coach – Word Coach Quiz Game

Google keeps on adding new features every day, one of those features is “Google Word Coach”, though you must know that It is the most popular search engine in the world. So just like with the help of Google search engine, you can get any information about anything in the world, similarly like Quiz helps you a lot to improve your English Vocabulary.

This is a type of multiple choice game, in which you are asked a question in English and you have to choose the correct option from the two options given below. The use of Word Coach Quiz is gradually increasing because it is a very easy way to strengthen your English even more.

There are many inbuilt Apps & Games available in Google Search Engine which you can use without installing on your device. You can play these Google Apps & Games on any device. You only need a smart web browser (Google Chrome Web Browser) to run Google Apps & Games. So that you can access google search engine.(Google Apps & Games Example – Google Calculator, Google Translator, it & etc.)

Now you must be thinking, can we improve our English by using this small method. If you feel that it cannot do all this, then let us first tell you what is Google Word Coach?

Google word coach how it help people to learn new word.

What is Google Word Coach?

Very few Google users know that Google Word Coach is a fun game. You can play this fun game through Google search results. Word Coach is a fun game that helps you improve your English Vocabulary. With google word coach, you can easily correct or strengthen your English vocabulary along with playing the game.

The Vocabulary Game developed by Google is especially for those people whose English language is very weak. So that those people can easily improve their English language by playing this game.

Google Word coach games are similar to a type of quiz game. In which you are asked questions like quiz games and their multiple answers are given below, out of which one is correct and you have to click on that correct answer if according to google algorithm your answer is correct. So you are given the points table in the top right side, the points of your correct answer are added to it.

And if the word coach quiz answer given by you is wrong then no points are given in your point table.

When and why was Google Word Coach created?

As we are telling you, even today many people are searching how to learn English on Google and many people are ready to spend a lot of money to learn English. So seeing all this, Google found an easy way, with the help of which you can improve your English by playing. Which we also know as Google Word Coach.

And as the name suggests, it has been designed by Google itself.

Download Link- How to Download this?

If you are looking for the download link of Word Coach, then let us tell you that Google has not yet designed any separate software for it. Right now, what you see in the Google search engine as the first result in the search result. So right now there is no link available to download this quiz games. As soon as Google releases the word coach apk app or software in the market, we will update you immediately.

This Games App :- This games is available only on google search results. Any application of this is not available in Google Playstore or other application stores. But many good alternative vocabulary android apps of Google Word Coach Games are available in the internet or play store. Through which you can easily improve your English vocabulary.

At present, it is very important for you to have a smartphone to play this game. Because this quiz games are available only for mobile devices, you cannot play this Vocabulary Game on devices like Tablet, Desktop, Laptop & PC.

How to play Google Word Coach?

This Game has just been released for only those countries where English language is not very popular. So that the people of those countries can easily learn and understand the English language.

Now we are going to tell you how to play it – This Games is very easy to play. For this it is very important to have a smart web browser (Google chrome) in your smartphone.

You can open or play this game by following the easy steps given below. The complete steps are given below,

Word coach dashboard by Google word coach.

Steps For How to open Google Word Coach

  1. First of all, open a chrome web browser on your smartphone.
  2. Now you go to the address bar and open the google.com address. (If you want, you can also search directly by typing “Google Word Coach” in the address bar)
  3. Once google is opened, now you write “Google Word Coach” on the search bar and click on search.
  4. On google top search result you will come to play google word coach games. You can now easily play this Games.
  5. If you are not found on Google top search results. The only reason for this can be that either you are from an English-speaking country or you have activated a VPN service in your smartphone.
  6. To open the game, deactivate the VPN service application.
  7. By doing this you can easily play this Games.

Google Word Coach Game Features – High score & reward points

It is very easy to play this Games. In this, you are given the same layout as a quiz. In which you are initially asked some basic English vocabulary related questions, the answers to these vocabulary related questions are also given below in MCQ (MCQ Full Form – Multiple Choice Question) layout. (With the completion of the stages, your quiz level also becomes difficult)

With MCQ Layout, you have to click on any one correct answer, if your answer or answer is correct then you are given 120 points. The points table is in the top right side of this game. Sometimes you also get 500 points questions in this game, for which you get 500 points for the correct answer.

In this Games you are asked only 5 questions in each stage. And as soon as you attempt these 5 questions, then in the end you are given your final quiz result. In this final result, you are given a google vocabulary score and a list of your correct answer and wrong answer.

Some FAQs related to Google Word Coach Game Quiz

Where can I find quiz answers?

Let us tell you that you will get new questions in this all the time and if you believe us, you should improve your English and not your score.

How to Download This Application?

There is no application or software of Google Word Coach, you can use it in your Chrome browser only.

How to earn money from it?

It is not for earning money, you can improve your English Vocabulary.

How to Login to this?

There is no need to login to Word Coach, you can use it directly.

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