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As we all know, everything has become online in today’s time, and the country is also moving towards Digital India, similarly. In today’s time, studies or any course can be completed only by studying online. Anyway, in today’s era, everyone is moving towards the online platform, so it has become essential to keep yourself digitally ready. In today’s article, we will tell you about that online certification course conducted by Google. We will tell you about this, after which you become an Online Digital Marketing Certified by Google digital garage .

Google digital marketing Garage
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What is Google Digital Garage?

Actually, Google digital Garage is not a garage, but it is a certified online course conducted by Google. If you are a YouTuber or a blogger, or a freelancer, then you get certified by Google with the help of this online course, and it will be very useful for you in the future. After completing this course, you are also given a certificate by Google in which your name is written. It is also written that you have met Digital Marketing Course by Google digital garage.

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Suppose you do a Fundamental Digital Marketing course from any institute. In that case, you have to spend thousands of rupees for it, whereas this course is made absolutely free by Google digital garage and you can complete this course from anywhere with the help of your mobile or laptop can. After completing the course, you have to give an exam in which 40 questions are asked of you.

What are the benefits of doing this course?

There will be a great need for digital marketing experts these days, and in the coming times, the main reason for this is that the country is moving on the path of Digital India. The certificate you get after completing this course is essential; you acquire many good job opportunities related to online digital marketing due to this certificate. You can earn a lot from these jobs. Huh.

Can anyone do this course?

Anyone can do this course related to digital marketing by Google, and it is straightforward to do this course; during the course, you will be taught 106 chapters which are divided into 26 badges. During this course, different lecturers make you study the course through video. You have to watch all these videos carefully. When you complete all these chapters, finally, a page will open in front of you in which you will be asked to answer 40 questions; after answering which you are given an online certificate by Google.

How can I do this course?

To do this free digital marketing course by Google, Google on your phone or laptop and search Google Free Digital Marketing Course. After that, the names of many websites will appear in front of you, out of which you will have to choose the first website; Now, you will have to go to the Start Learning option. After going to this option, you will be asked to register, and if you want, you can register through Google or do it through your email ID.

Complete registration than you will have to write your full name here, and you have to keep one thing in mind that writes your name correctly because this name will be recorded on the certificate in the end. Apart from the name, you will also be asked for some more information, after which you will come to the dashboard of your course, where your name, course, and badge will also be written. There are 106 lessons in this course, and it depends on you how much time you complete this course; you can also top it in 7 days if you want.

You will get to see 26 different topics here, whichever lesson you want to do first, you will see the Start Learning option present there, and you have to click on it. Whenever you open any task, you will see a video by the teachers there in which you will be given complete information about that lesson; you have to oversee this video. After the task is completed, you will see an option called Check My Knowledge, where you can check your knowledge about that lesson so far.

The certificate will be given after the course.

When you complete this online digital marketing course, then you get certified after clearing the exam. After that, you can share your certificate on LinkedIn on the dashboard or download the certificate. After completing 26 badges, you will see 26 badges on the dashboard. Apart from this, you will see your Certification Progress there; you can download your certificate very easily. Your name, the course you have done, and the date of passing the course are also written in the certificate.

It is effortless to complete this course and pass the exam. You have to read all the lessons carefully, after which you can very quickly become a Online Digital Marketing Certified by Google digital garage. After getting the certificate, if you want, you can also check the validity of your diploma, whether it is genuine or fake, for you have to copy your certificate ID. A link is given in your certificate itself to check it.

You can check whether your certificate is genuine or not by going to that link and entering your certificate ID. We hope that you have got essential information from today’s article.

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