What is eRupi? How to Download the eRupee App?

eRupi – The Government of India has launched a new payment concept a few days back which has been named as eRupee or eRupi. What is the confusion of many people? Is this a Cryptocurrency? In such a situation, we thought that some name should be told about it in a little detail so that all the people can clearly know what it really is? And how can download and use eRupi App?

Whenever we hear the name of any electronic currency, the name of cryptocurrency comes first in our mind. Because all of us have heard the name of Bitcoin so many times that it remains in our minds. In such a situation, when the Government of India launched eRupi payment and said that there is going to be a new electronic currency, then we thought that India would have its own cryptocurrency.

But it is not like that eRUPI is a little different and when you give information about it here, then you will understand what kind of electronic currency it is? And together we will give information about how to download the E-RUPI App, from this you will learn about using it and will be able to use it yourself in future.

eRupi download app in mobile and its uses.

What is eRUPI? What is eRupi?

e-RUPI, whose full name is Electronic Rupee Unified Payment Interface, is a one-way Voucher based digital payment system. Which has been made keeping in mind the successful BHIM UPI payment of the Government of India. You can also call it Prepaid e-voucher, in which you have to put money first and then you will be able to use them.

e-RUPI has been created with the help of NCPI (National Payment Corporation of India) and Finance Department and has been validated by RBI (Reserve Bank of India).

Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself has given complete information about this through the video, what is it? And how can the user use it. If you want, you can watch this video yourself.

This is the first step of the Government of India towards digital currency because eRUPI is not a digital currency. If you think that it is a Cryptocurrency, then it is not like that, it is just a step which can be further. As would be seen with its name electronic voucher based digital payment system, in which the user will get payment vouchers on prepaid, which can be used instead of payment.

E-RUPI will be a contactless and cashless payment and will be used through SMS and QR code. At the time of launch, some limits have been set in which users can use it as a gift voucher and can pay without credit card or debit card wherever it is accepted.

  • In E-RUPI, you will mainly see some such features
  • eRupi will be a contactless and cashless payment system.
  • In this, e Voucher will be given to the beneficiary through a QR code or SMS.
  • The payment will be sent directly to the beneficiary’s account through just a voucher code.
  • Beneficiaries will be able to make payment from this at the service provider center on behalf of the government.
  • The person who will be given the eRupi voucher will be directly linked to his mobile number so that no one else can use it.

Who created eRupi?

eRUPI has not been made by any private company, the Government of India is launching it itself and anyway the Government of India launches every technology related to financial services in India. Erupi has been created with contributions from NPCI (National Payment Corporation of India), Financial Services, Ministry of Health and Welfare and National Health Authority.

How does eRUPI work?

eRUPI is a cashless and contactless digital payment system that will be sent directly to the beneficiary’s mobile through SMS, QR Code. If you understand it in simple language, then it will be a kind of prepaid e voucher which will be used for payment. As you must have seen your Amazon gift card which is a voucher and we can do any shopping online with it.

But there is a limit in the gift voucher of Amazon or any one company that you can use on their platform. But RBI has been accredited to make Erupi, that is, it can be used with the number of banks in the country at that time.

Through eRupi, we will be able to make payments without credit card, debit card, internet banking, and mobile banking which makes it a completely different payment system. Any beneficiary who will get its benefit will be sent a voucher code through SMS or he will get payment through a QR code.

How will these vouchers be issued?

NPCI is building the entire eRUPI system on its UPI platform and you will get access to it from here and NCPI has included all the banks in the country. All banks will be able to issue their own eVoucher and they will issue their own eVoucher on the UPI platform which can be purchased by paying in advance.

Any person who has an account with any bank and uses the UPI App, then he can himself create a voucher for another person and send it. For this, the name and mobile number of the beneficiary should be there, only then QR code and SMS can be sent.

Where can e-RUPI be used?

According to the government, it is still in its initial phase, so e-RUPI will be used with many government organizations. Through this, the government will send direct vouchers to all the beneficiaries in the country, such as medicines under the TB identification program, facilities like Ayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri Yojana, fertilizer subsidy and nutritional support will be given through this.

Along with this, private sector companies can also use it to give all these facilities to their employees and when everything goes right, it may become an electronic currency which can be used by anyone and everywhere in the country. You can make payment through this.

How to Download the eRupee App?

It was launched on 2nd August 2021 and you will get news and information about it everywhere. Now you must have understood that what is the concept of this electronic payment of the government? Now it is the turn that if there is an app, then how can we download and use it? Look! There will be no separate mobile app for eRupi.

According to NCPI, ISKCO will be integrated with UPI App and users can use it from there itself. This means that all the UPI apps are there, you will get to see eRupi everywhere, you do not need to download any separate app for this. But you must have a UPI app.

BHIM is the UPI payment system of the Government of India which you can download and use. In this you will get to see all the new updates of e-Rupee. If the government is going to give you any benefit, then you will get the information on this too, for this there are some things which are important to keep in mind.

Use the mobile number which you use to fill the form of National Scheme or the phone number which is registered with your bank account. Because the vouchers will be sent to the beneficiary according to his mobile number, in such a situation, if you have put any other number in your scheme and the account has been created from someone else, then you can also be deprived.


Friends, here we have got detailed information about e-RUPI digital payment launched by the Government of India. This is a contactless and cashless payment which has been recently launched by the Government of India. We have explained all its facts and information in detail here. Hope you liked this information and it has been helpful for you to understand this electronic payment system, if you have any question or suggestion, then definitely tell about it in the comment.

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