Top 10 Apps in India | Indian Mobile Apps that should be present in Your phones in 2021 

The app industry is growing day by day, So with this, the competition between apps also increases. Now in 2021, India is among the significant markets for foreign and desi Indian Mobile apps. The country has over a hundred million Mobile data consumers, and the number of smartphone sales increase day by day. As per Trend, developers develop such apps that attract more consumers towards their apps. With this latest Trend, they can quickly grow in this consumer market, So without wasting any time, Here, I present the Top 10 Apps in India of every category.

Top 10 Apps present in India

Online Marketplace apps in India

Flipkart (4.4)

Flipkart is India’s biggest e-commerce platform that offers a very intuitive app and offers everything, including mobile phones, fashion (clothing and accessories), electronic items, home appliances, furniture, grocery, and jewelry. It also allows you to compare products, look for reviews, and more. The company may also offer some exclusive discounts when you purchase an item using the app.

Myntra (4.3)

Myntra is one of the most popular Indian fashion e-commerce platforms that offer a wide range of clothing and fashion accessories. The app allows you to use several filters to look for the perfect style in an instant.

Online Food apps

Swiggy (4.2)

Swiggy is one of India’s most significant food ordering and delivery platforms, clocking around 1.4 million daily food orders in the country as of last year. The app allows you to order food online from many local restaurants in your area and provides you with real-time updates on the meal called.

Zomato (4.2)

Zomato is an Indian restaurant aggregator which promises to give the best insight into local restaurants in your locality. It also provides you with menus and user reviews for millions of restaurants across the world. Zomato also offers food delivery options from partner restaurants in certain cities.

Music and Entertainment apps

Wynk Music (4.6)

Wynk is another popular music app that lets you enjoy over 1.4 million Indian and international songs. The app also allows users to check the lyrics while playing a song. This app is presented to you by Airtel Telecom Ltd.

Gaana (Rating: 4.2)

Gaana is one of the most extensive Indian commercial music streaming services right now. The app has over 3 million songs across various genres, and the music catalog is available to users globally. Gaana is one of the most downloaded Indian apps with more than 150 million monthly users.

Transportation apps

RedBus (4.5)

RedBus is India’s largest online bus ticketing platform which provides you with the most convenient way of booking bus tickets using a mobile app. The app connects bus travelers with a network of over 2500 bus operators across the country while enabling users to locate and navigate to the boarding point with the help of real-time location.

Jugnoo Autos (4.2)

Jugnoo Autos is an Android app that helps users search for nearby auto-rickshaws and book it with a single tap.

Other Categories 

Paytm (4.5)

Paytm is a widely used e-commerce payment system that allows users to shop online apart from transferring money, mobile recharge, and payments. It is one of the most downloaded Indian apps and has over 350 million users as of last year.

m-Indicator (4.4)

m-Indicator is a must-have transportation-related mobile app for the residents of Mumbai. The app primarily helps users with information on public transportation in Mumbai and is one of the most downloaded Indian apps right now.

Apps that are not listed but have a good presence:-

IRCTC Connect (4.1)

IRCTC Connect is an Android app from the Government of India which allows people to book train tickets in a few simple steps.

Quikr (4.3)

Quikr is an Indian classified advertising platform that lets people buy and sell anything. The app also comes with a chat feature that connects the buyer and seller before making a purchase or sale.

Snapdeal (4.2)

Snapdeal is another famous Indian e-commerce company that provides a suitable interface for users and also offers some extra discounts on several products if you shop from the app.


I hope that I have given you complete information about the top 10 apps in India, and I hope you all have understood these top 10 Indian apps. If you have any doubts about this article or want that there should be some improvement, you can write a comment down below for this.

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