Setup Amp page for WordPress

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Amp page design for WordPress.

In setup amp means to set a accelerated mobile page of your blogs in WordPress.

Google search engine or other search engines index only those pages or websites which load more fast on the internet. So today we will tell you about how to create accelerated mobile pages or AMP which helps your blogs or website to load fast and by this help your blogs also get easily indexed on search engines.

So any search engines like : GOOGLE or BING they always index those pages which are amp enabled and load fast and yes google also tells that amp factor is the prime factor for blogs to index more on search engines.This is not a big tasky any level blogger or anyone who manage website is essential to made amp enabled or accelerated mobile page to load fast blogs or websites.

Accelerated mobile page or AMP :-

Accelerated mobile page desgin

Amp is basically a project by google to index websites or increase browsing experience on mobile. This helps to load pages more fast on mobile.So basically AMP supports HTML file of website and blocks unwanted script fille which helps the websites or blogs to load fast.

If anyone is using a 2g level internet facility till now, Then also AMP helps to increase the speed of browsing of pages.So accelerated mobile page basically helps the user to show best results in slow internet facility also. By this we can say that it is more essential for a blogger to generate traffic on a blog.

Basically it is a mobile operative project, which helps to improve browsing speed and load speed of a page.It helps mobile users to browse more fast in a low speed internet also.As many users are use only mobile phones to serve the internet,So it is more essential to a blogger to make his blogs and websites to be more friendly with AMP pages which helps their blogs to index more easily on search engines.

Benefit of using accelerated mobile pages :-

  • If you enable AMP on your blogs , It increase the speed of your blog pages.
  • Google or other search engines index fast your blogs and  posts.
  • Any user can see your posts with slow internet also.
  • With AMP enabled , it increases traffic and SEO ranking also.


Difference between AMP or NON-AMP pages :-

See the below picture and you can find out what is the difference between these two pages. Basically with amp enable an Amp extension add to your site at last.

Like= ””

How to enable Amp plug in :-

Amp plug in or Glue for yoast SEO & AMP :-

SEO plug in for amp page

Before installing these two plug in activate Amp plug in with glue for yoast SEO & AMP, which create a link between yoast seo and AMP plug in.

Now you have to do nothing just activate these two plug-ins which automatically create an accelerated mobile page for your blogs, by help of yoast SEO ranking it indexes easily your pages and blogs on Search engines . You do not have to change anything just leave it as it is because by default it is best , but if you want your theme colour post colour to change then do it by website builder.

How to check status of amp plug in to your blogs :

Though by following the above steps carefully, you successfully installed the amp plug in . Now the question arises how to know that the amp plug in works properly or not.So to check this go to a post of your blogs and check the url link if at last /amp is present then the accelerated mobile page enable is working properly.

After successfully installing you have to wait for some days then in “google search console” by going to the amp index page you can check how many pages of your blogs get indexed on search console.

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