How to rank new website on Google in 2021 

Have you recently created a new blog or website and want to rank it in Google?

Creating a blog is very easy but it is very difficult to get it ranked in Google… but you can easily rank your new website in Google through quality content, right SEO, content marketing, backlinks, promotion etc.

Today in this article, I will tell you about some of the best SEO tips that will help your new website to rank in Google.

Website Check whether or not Google has an index

The site needs an index to get search results. If your site is not appearing or ranking in Google search results, then you must first check whether your website is getting indexed in Google or not…

You can check it easily. All you need to do is type site: in Google search. If your site does not appear in the search result, then it clearly means that your site is not indexed in Google. You can see the screenshot below:

But your site is indexed in Google but does not appear in search results.

Ranking website with search console .

How to rank new website in Google

You wrote a great blog post and published it. But you did not get traffic on that… So what will be your next strategy?

Well here I am going to tell you some SEO strategy. It is all about a little research and tips and tricks, so that you can rank your new blog or website.

Publish Valuable Content

If you want your website to be ranked in the first page of Google, then write a useful and informative blog post for the visitor. Google focuses more on the quality of the content and gives them the top rank in search engines.

However, when Google ranks a content, it uses a variety of ranking factors. But content quality is still the most important of them all. Here is a guide – how to write SEO friendly blog post.

Apart from this, the length of your content is very important in the search engine. Larger content ranks better in search engines than smaller content. So always try to write detailed, high-quality, lengthy posts. But keep in mind one thing, do not write rubbish things in it to make your content bigger.

Do Keyword Research Correctly

If you want to rank your new website in Google, then you should come to Keyword Research in the right way. You need to do keyword research around the questions people ask in your Niche.

Here below I have explained how Keyword research is done: –

a. Use Google Suggest

With Low competition keyword you can rank your website .

This is the easiest and best way to get the best keywords. Just search the keyword related to your topic in Google search box, it will start suggesting according to previous searches.

From here, select the keyword and find out its competition, monthly search, CPC etc. using the best keyword research tool.

These keywords can be very good to optimize your article because it comes directly from Google search data.

b. Use Related Google Search

After searching in Google, you will see some related Searches below your search result which you can use as a keyword.

You Rank it with people search results.

c. Using Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is the best free keyword research tool developed by Google. You can use it for any niche.

Using it, you can see keyword competition, monthly searches, CPC etc. a lot.

Always choose keywords with high searches and low competition for your content.

You can use any keyword planner tool just to find low cpc keywords online .

d. Find Question Keywords

Question keywords make your content more attractive and help in achieving high CTR.

Such keywords are very useful for blog posts.

But how to find question keywords?

For this, you can use Answer The Public.

This tool is completely free and suggests Keywords using Google and Bing search.

Its interface is very easy to use which comes with a unique proposition and great visualization.

You Can use Long Tail Keywords for ranking website .

Apart from this, you can use Quora, Forums and Q&A websites to search question keywords.

Use Long Tail Keywords

Keywords made up of more than 3 words are called “Long Tail Keywords”.

Long Tail Keywords are highly targeted and can play an important role in increasing the ranking of the website.

Very short search is done in search engines with short tail keywords, because search engines will not give accurate results. You must also do a search in the search engine by writing a complete question. The reason is that you get accurate results.

Benefits of using Long Tail Keywords

  • Less competition.
  • Better conversion rates.
  • They rank well in search results.
  • Help in getting more traffic from search engines.

Do internal linking

When you link an old article to your new article, it is called internal linking. This makes your content Relevant for both search engines and users.

Internal linking has many advantages:

Here are some of the benefits of internal linking below:

Makes your content more informative

It informs search engines and users about the valuable pages of your website.

Internal linking makes your posts more informative for users and also helps visitors to move from page to page.

Google assigns top rank to pages that are useful to the user.

Help in better Crawl and Index

When your blog is new, the search engine does not index your website or blog quickly. Therefore internal linking is very important.

When search engine crawlers come to your website, they follow the links to understand the site structure, what the content is about, and the better index.

Always do internal linking in a strong and smart way so that crawlers crawl your site deeply.

Internal Linking provides a better crawling and indexing experience for search engines like Google.

If crawling is easy, SERPs will rank better.

Increases rank and pageviews of old posts

Internal link passes link juice to your old posts, which improves ranking. Also enhances pageviews of your old posts.

If you have been running a blog for a long time, you will have a large number of blog posts, and your old posts are no longer getting that good traffic and ranking.

However, internal linking gives the option to read even more. If you have an old article that can provide valuable information to the reader, link it to your new article.

This is a great way to promote your old content and increase pageviews.

Decrease bounce rate 

Bounce rate is an important aspect of SEO. If visitors come to your post and leave immediately, then the bounce rate of your site increases. This affects your website SEO and search engine ranking.

For better SEO, bounce rate is very important and internal linking is the best way to reduce bounce rate. This helps the visitor to stay on the website for a long time.

Fix website loading

If your site takes longer to load, Google will not rank your site well in the search results page. The reason is Google is using Page speed as a ranking factor. So you need to pay attention to it.

Fast loading affects both website ranking and user experience and ranks well in search results.

Quick tips to improve website loading speed

  • Upgrade to php 7.2
  • Optimize Your Image Size
  • Keep only useful plugins
  • Delete Unwanted Media
  • Minify CSS and JS Files
  • Use good Cache plugin
  • Minimize Redirects
  • Use good web hosting
  • Optimize database

Apart from this, below are some guides that can make your website loading speed very fast.

Create High-Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are a very old Google ranking factor that Google uses to rank content on the first page. It helps in increasing the domain authority, website traffic and website ranking of your site.

But bad / spammy / buy or low-quality backlinks can do a lot of damage to your website ranking. It may be that your content did not even appear in the search results. Here is a guide – how to remove bad links from websites.

If you want to increase your website ranking, always try to make high-quality backlinks. 100 quality backlinks equals 1000 low-quality backlinks.

Backlinks can make a big change in your website’s traffic and ranking.

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

More than half of the searches are done by mobile. Therefore Google is also using mobile friendliness as a ranking factor to improve the mobile user experience.

If your site is not mobile friendly, Google will reduce your site ranking for mobile search. Due to which your site will not be able to rank top in Google search result and you will lose a lot of traffic for your site.

You can use the Mobile Testing Tool developed by Google to check whether your site is mobile friendly or not. 

Publish Fresh and New Posts regularly

Google attaches greater importance to blogs that publish quality posts on a regular basis. This increases both your ranking and blog reader. Readers like to read blogs which publish content with new and unique ideas every day.

If you publish four posts a week, but don’t publish anything the next week, your strategy is worse than publishing two posts a week.

Conclusion :-

The strategies I told you here will help you 100% rank your new website. But you cannot boost your website ranking overnight. This is a long process. You have to be patient in this.

But keep in mind one thing: Quality content is very important. If you use all these strategies on your site but do not pay attention to the quality of the content, then all your hard work is useless. Google will not rank your content well in search results and your website will not be able to get traffic from search engines.

If I have missed any strategy to increase website ranking, then you can tell me in the comment. If this article has proved to be helpful for you, then do not forget to share it!

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