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How to increase organic traffic on a new blog?

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Hello, friends, If you do not get enough organic traffic on your website then you must have followed this Article and apply these “20 proven ways to get enough organic traffic” on your website.

Often I get messages like “How to get traffic on my website” ,“Sir, please check my site why traffic is not on my blog” .

In the same way I also face organic traffic issues on my website, often it gets more views and impressions and sometimes it does not reach upto a single person also. Today’s article I will share with you “20 proven ways to increase organic traffic on your website”.

As per I share with you one by one idea to increase pageview of your site.

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How to increase organic traffic on the blog?

Most of you who are reading this post, most of them will be new bloggers, who will be learning all things realigned from blogging right now. So today you will get to learn all those things which will increase organic traffic on your blog too.

Today I will also tell you about many such Secrets about which you hardly know, you will definitely follow all those Secrets on your blog, you will definitely get to see that result in a few days.

I have also seen that some people do this, whichever keyword they wrote their article on and after a day or two, check it in Google’s search result to see if it was ranked or not.

So I want to tell you all about it that if you have a new blog and you have used the Keyword properly in that article, then it may take 3-4 months to get it ranked.

So, if you want to be successful in blogging, then for this you will have to work with patience, only then you will be able to succeed in your blogging.

Run friends, one by one, I will tell you about all these (20+ ways to increase traffic on the blog): –

1. Create Quality Content :-

Now many people will say that I know this, so Friends Quality Content only means that whatever you are writing in the content, what you are writing also matters. Never write anything other than Topic in a post.

And with that, write whatever article you are writing correctly. Whatever font you are using, the font should be such that if anyone reads it, then they can understand all things well. Do not use a Stylish Font.

Make sure to use images and videos in the article and try to complete your paragraph in 2-3 lines not writing big paragraphs.

If you people will write content in a similar way, then your chances of ranking post will also increase.

2. Focus On Low Competition Keywords And Long Tail Keywords :- 

If you are just going to publish posts on your blog daily, and if you are not doing Keyword Research before writing the post, then if you write 100+ posts, then traffic will not come.

In the beginning, you have to use these two ways Keyword only: –

  • Low Competition Keywords
  • Long-Tail Keywords

Low Competition Keywords means that some keywords whose keyword is less difficult, you write a post targeting those keywords and after some time your post will definitely rank in Google’s search result.

When you get a keyword with low competition, then you can also check manually how many people have written their post on that keyword.

So for that, you should search on Google by writing your Keyword with Symbol with Double Quotes and do something like this, ‘Your Keyword’

By searching in such a way, all the websites which have used this Keyword will be visible in the search results, then you can see how many websites have used your Keyword.

In the same way, you can use some other Google Dorks to see how many people have written posts on your keywords.

Intitle: “Your Keyword”: – If you search by writing it, only the website will appear in the search result, who must also have used that keyword in their title.

Inurl: “Your Keywords”: – If you search by writing this, then only the website will come if whichever website has used that Keyword in the URL or Slug of its post.

I hope that you now have a better understanding of what are low competition keywords and how to find them.

Long-Tail Keywords speak those keywords which are 3-4 words or more called Long-Tail Keywords. Many of you will also find long-tail keyword that has Search Volume 0 (Zero).

So you do not have to use such a keyword, because you will be ranked on that keyword but still traffic will not come on your blog.

Therefore, anyone who has to use Long-Tail Keyword should also check his search volume or not.

To find Long-Tail keywords, first of all you have to open Guest Windows in your Google Chrome Browser and type in any Topic Related Keyword you want by turning on Google.Com.

As I have only written “Blog Kaise Banaye” below the Search Box, now I have got all the long-tail keywords related to it.

If I use them in my post, then my post will be ranked very soon and users will also start coming on it.

So friends, in this way you can find low competition keywords and long-tail keywords very easily and when you write your post on these keywords, traffic will also increase on your blog.

3. Use Push Notification Tool :- 

So you guys must be using YouTube, whatever YouTube channel we have subscribed to, whenever a new video is uploaded on all those channels, notification comes on our mobile immediately.

In the same way, we can send notification of our blog post, by clicking on it, people can read our post.

By using tools like One Signal and Push Engage, we can setup Push Notification on our blog for free.

And after that when anyone will allow Notification of our blog, then we can send it to Notification and immediately users start coming to all our new posts.

4. Update Your Post Regularly :-

If you are leaving the post by writing and are thinking that doing so will keep your ranking, then it is not so. You also need to keep updating your post from time to time.

For example, suppose your post is ranked 25th in Google Search Result and you want that post to rank your 1st page,

So for that, you update the post by writing some other things in that post or adding images, videos.

After doing this, you get your post going to Google Search Console and get Fetch again and after some time you will see that the ranking of your post will definitely increase.

After doing this, if you create some backlinks for your post, then the ranking of your post will definitely increase.

5. Use Quora & Medium :-

If you want to make high quality backlinks for your blog, then you will get backlinks from both these websites, but you will have to do a lot of work.

Quora is a Question Answer website. If you want information about anything, then you can write a post here and ask people to answer it.

Or if you know the answer to the question asked on Quora, then you can add a link to your post after writing the answer to it correctly.

And if you want High Quality Backlink on any of your posts in Medium.Com, then you can take a backlink by writing a post on Medium.

For that, whatever post you want to backlink, you have to write a small post related to the topic of your post on Medium and after that you can add a link to your post in the post on the same medium.

By doing this, you can get your post ranked by making High Quality Backlink.

6. Build Your Blog Authority :-

When you search any keyword on Google, the number of sites you will see at the top of the search results are all Authority Sites.

So how can you make your site an authority site, then you will have to increase the domain rating of the blog.

To increase DR, first of all you have to keep posting regular content on your blog and have to take links from other sites, after doing this, when Oraginc Traffic will also start coming to your blog gradually,

The domain rating of your blog will also start increasing and in this way you will also become an Authority Blog.

7. Accept Guest Post :- 

Many times it happens that we are unable to do regular Content Post, then in such a situation, if we give any other content in our place, then our Consistency remains.

So for that, you will have to create a page on your blog in the name of Guest Post, there you can also write all your conditions about what kind of content you want.

By doing this, you will also get the content and whoever needs a Do Follow Backlink from your blog gives it by writing posts to your site.

8. Write On Trending Topics :-

If traffic is not coming on your blog, then you have written a lot of posts, in such a way you can write a post on Trending Topic.

You can use Google Trends to search Trending Topic, here it can be found out how many people have searched for keywords in Real Time.

Just like it was on #ZOMATOGUY Trending recently, many people must have searched about it and if your post was also there, you also expected to get traffic.

So in this way you can get good traffic by writing a post on Trending Topic on your blog.

9.  Create Same Topic Video On YouTube :- 

If you are working hard to bring Organic Traffic right now, then it is better that you can also earn some traffic on your blog by bringing it from YouTube.

Suppose you have written a post “How to earn money online” Now you can also make a video on the same topic and you also add a link to the post in the description of the same video.

By doing this, those people who come to see your video, some of those people will definitely read your post and then you can also embed your video in the same post.

Now the people who came to your post after searching from Google, those people will also see your YouTube video, you will benefit greatly by doing so.

Your problem is that traffic does not come on the blog, it will also go away.

10. Social Media Branding :- 

You have to make a blog as well as make it a brand. If you have not created an account on all social media sites in the name of your blog, then create one today.

You benefit greatly from this, due to the content that you will share on your social media account, when people know about your blog, then you will read your posts regularly.

So when Social Signals get good to Google, then your post will also rank quickly. So for this, as much as there is a social media site, make your own page on everyone.

And if you put a link to your site there, by doing this, you will get some high quality backlinks as well.

11. Interview With Famous Blogger :-

This is also a good way to increase traffic on the blog. Whichever Niche your blog is on, you can interview with the most famous blogger of the same Niche.

You have a lot of benefit by doing this, who will also be regular readers of that Famous Blogger, after your interview, they will also get to know about your blog.

And in this way, they will also come to your blog, if you have made good content, then those people will also read your post regularly, in this way Blog Par Traffic will also start coming.

And if anyone searches for that famous blogger, then your Interview Post Rank will do the same, you will benefit both ways.

12. Create Facebook Group :- 

If you have not yet created your Facebook group, make it fast and keep sharing the related content with your Niche over there.

By doing this, people will start joining your group gradually and with that, people will also start coming to your blog.

Or you can also join a Facebook group related to Niche.

13. Use Question Hub :-

If you are a hindi blogger, then this tool is very beneficial for you because here you also get many such topics on which you can write a new post of your own.

Google Question Hub is a tool where people who search anything on Google and their results are not available to Google.

When you join the Question Hub, then you will get a lot of questions, whatever question you have mentioned in any of your posts, you should link the link of that post with all those questions.

By doing this, your post will be shown in Google’s search result and in this way your Blog Par Traffic will also come.

14. Increase Blog Speed :-

The speed of our blog is also very important in the ranking factor, so if the loading speed of your blog is very slow, try to fast it as fast as you can.

To reduce the loading speed of the blog, these are some of the things that you can reduce the loading speed to a great extent by following it on your blog.

So for this, you first upload whatever image file on your blog, first make sure to optimize it, images are the reason for most websites slowing down.

After that, if you are using Extra Widget in Sidebar or Footer on your blog, then remove it now. With this kind of Widget, the loading speed of your website becomes very slow.

Other similar things have been added to Javascripts, which do not have any work, then tell them also, then the loading speed of your website will be very good.

If your website opens within 3 seconds, then this is a very good thing and the speed of your website depends on your hosting also, which hosting you are using.

15. Use Infographics :-

If you use Infographics in a blog post then it is a great thing because if we want to attract and post your user then Infographics is very beneficial for that.

Infographic is a graphic in which information is collected as if you are reading an article about an SEO and in that you are explaining the difference between On-Page Seo and Off-Page Seo.

And the graph that is being used there, that is called Infographihcs, I hope you guys have understood.

So if possible, you should also use these infographics, this will also increase the user and if your blog’s Bounce Rate is high then it will also be reduced.

16. Reply On Every Comments :-

If you get as many comments as possible on your blog, then you must reply to all the comments, so the user feels very good by doing so.

So if you also do this, then it will also help your user and from now on, whenever you enter a new post, you will definitely read it, in the same way, those people will also become your regular readers.

17. Blog Design :-

If you have not done the design of the blog well then it would have been a big reason that the user does not want to read your website and traffic cannot come on your blog again.

By the way, there are many themes that you can use, but I would suggest Generatepress to all of you because you can also use this theme for free.

And this is a Clean and Light Weight Theme, you can use it on your blog.

18. Create Attractive Post Title :-

When you look at Google Search Console, you will know that all the posts are ranked on which keywords in the Performance Report there, and you can also find out how much its CTR is.

If your post is 7-8 no. But if it is ranked, then you should make its title even more attentive so that by clicking on the same number of people as you, your CTR will also increase and your post can also be ranked No.1-2, so that you will be very much Traffic will also be available.

19. Add Newsletter Widget :- 

Whenever you design your blog, you can put a Newsletter Widget in Footer on the Homepage in it, by doing this when users subscribe to your blog.

You have their email, you can send information to all your new posts to the user very easily by sending an email to them.

Many bloggers use this method, you must have seen this thing yourself.

20. Join Forum Website :- 

If you have never joined any Forum Website, then definitely do, it benefits you. Forum Website is called those websites where if you have any question, there are many people connected there.

Which answers your question, you can also do this and from there you also get a High Quality Backlink and from here you will also get to learn a lot of new things.

Conclusions: –

So friends, I have told you here 20 ways through which you can increase traffic on your blog. If traffic is not coming on your blog too, then you can use all these methods.

Whenever you write a post on your blog, do the best way you can do On-Page Seo, because On-Page Seo also does a lot in getting the post ranked.

I hope that you must have liked this post of ours, if you liked the post, then you must share it with your friends.

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