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To leave in a country you must need an id proof card of that country, So that you can leave in that country without any legal issue. So I will share with you an article on id proof card or voter id card.Today we discuss “How to apply for voter id card” or “What type of document is needed to apply voter id card”.

If you see previous voter id cards they  are very simple and in black and white color, but now these  online voter id cards are in colorful edition. So today we  discussed how to apply for voter id card online or by a simple app only. These two methods help you to get a new voter id card.

Benefits of voter id card :-

  • Voter id card is  necessary for your identification .
  • As per its name it provides you to elect your candidate and to vote in India and it is only applicable for Indians only.
  • If you purchase any sim card then they ask for id proof at that time you can use this as your id proof.
  • To make other government documents like Aadhar card, ration card or passport you can use voter id as your proof of identification.
  • Voter id card is a proof of Indian.

Eligibility & document required for voter id card :-

  • The basic eligibility is you must be above the age of 18 .
  • You must be an Indian.
  • You need a passport size photograph.
  • Address proof :- You can use any from below like :- ( Water bill , gas bill, current bill, Ration card, Bank passbook, Aadhar card, Rent agreement, Income tax assessment order)
  • Age proof :- As proof of age you can use any of these document like- (Pan card ,Adhar card , 10th certificate, kisan card or you can use birth certificate as proof of age )
  • Identity proof :- As identity proof you can use (pan card , student identity card, driving licence)

How to make voter id card online :-

Step-1 (First visit national voter service portal)  :-

To apply for a new voter id card first visit the official website of (NATIONAL VOTER SERVICE PORTAL) or . Then you have to register a (New voter id card registration) .You can do this in mobile also by visiting the same website or you can do this by an app to know about please read the complete article.

You can also check your voter id card status or you can also correct your address, name or date of birth by visiting this website.

Step-2 :- click on login or register option :-

When you open the website just click on login and by submitting your phone number or email id get access to your voter id portal and sign up into it.

  • Click on login option (if you already login just sign up into it )
  • Click on do not have an account option.
  • Enter mobile number and submit captcha code.
  • Enter otp code and click on verify.
  • Click on the “I don’t have epic number” option if you want a new voter id card .
  • I have an epic number :- This option is used only if you want to make a correction in your voter id card.
  • Now fill your first name ,last name and email id or password as per your choice.
  • Now click on the register option.
  • Then login again by using email id or password.

Step-3 Now click on fresh inclusion / enrollment :-

After successfully login you get an option of Fresh inclusion / enrollment .Just click it then fill all as per below.

  1. Click on fresh inclusion / enrollment .
  2. I reside in India (click it)
  3. Then select your state. Ex- Odisha, Delhi, Mumbai etc.
  4. Then click on next.

Step-4 Now fill address column :-

In the next option you have to fill your address option like state, district, House number, village, Post office, Pin code etc.

  • State/UT :-Now select state where you reside like:-(Odisha).
  • District :-Now select your district where you reside like-(Koraput).
  • House No -Fill as per your house number you leave.
  • street/ Area / locality :-As per your residence you can fill it.
  • Town/village :-Fill it as per your town or village you leave.
  • Post office :-You can visit near the post office and fill it.
  • Pin code :-Fill this as per your zip or pin code.
  • Date :-In this option you just fill till from which day you reside at the residence 
  • Address proof :-Select any address proof like (Water bill , gas bill, current bill, Ration card, Bank passbook, Aadhar card, Rent agreement, Income tax assessment order)
  • Family/Neighbor Epic no :-You have to enter any of your family member or neighbor epic number so that they can relate your relation with them.
  • Then click on next .

Step-5 :- Now fill your birth information 

After completing above steps another form open select date of birth, birth place, state etc. Then scan your age proof copy and upload it in the document.

  • Enter your date of birth :-Fill your date of birth in the box.
  • Town/village:-Select your village or town.
  • State:-select your state .
  • District:-Select your district also.
  • Age proof:-In age proof you choose your scan file of your document.
  • Age deceleration :-Age declaration is a form in the website you just fill this and upload the document in the site.

Note:- ( before  doing this you must be above the age of 21)

  • Click on next.

Step-6 :-Now select your assembly constituency 

So in this option you have to choose an assembly of your local area and select it . No worry it provides you an option as per your address of your locality.

Step-7 :-Now fill your personal details 

Now in personal detail you must fill your personal details like name, surname, gender etc.

  • Name:-In this option you fill your name .
  • Surname:-In this you fill your surname.
  • Gender:-In this option you choose your gender as per (male, female, transgender)

Note:-( As per new government rule transgender is also added to it).

  • Type of relation:-In this option you select your relation with the name you provide below.( ex- father, mother)
  • Name of relative applicant :-In this option you select a name with whom you above provide the relation.(father, mother name)
  • Upload document :-In this you select your colorful passport size photograph.

Step-8 :- Provide your Additional information :-

After submitting above form a new form opens where they ask about your handicap like (“ did you hear or did you see”). So if you do not have any issue with them then remain as it is . So if you have any problem then select it. Then it asks for your mobile number, email id, mobile number belongs to etc. These information is used to check status of your application.

  • Email id :-In this box you submit your valid email id.
  • Mobile no :-Provide a mobile which belongs to you.
  • Provided mobile number belongs to :-Select whom this mobile number belongs to.(like if it belongs to me then select self option).
  • What type of phone do you use :-In this option you have to select which kind of phone you use.

Step-9 :-Now provide declaration :-

In this option you have to select that you do not have any voter id card before and your name is not registered with any assembly and you are a fresh voter id card applier from your local assembly.

After this you get an option of preview, just click it and double check all your spellings and other necessary data. This is because the same data has come up in your voter id so double check it carefully. After this submit the application for and generate a new voter id card online.

Note:-( a generated id will come up in your registered mobile number take it as reference of your application status).

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Step-10 Now check your voter id status :-

So after doing the above steps successfully you have to wait for one month and after this you can check your status of your application. You have to open your dashboard and visit “voter id card status” then fill your application number and by this you can check either your form status. If it is approved then in between three to five month by post you get your voter id card. This above voter id card act as an id proof of your in India.

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