Fix mobile hang problem .

Fix device slow problem :-

Hello ,Friends if you are using a smartphone everyday then you might know that after sometime it becomes slow and show issues like hang etc. So there are many factors which can cause Mobile hang issues like -(less internal Storage, ram problem, virus ) . So you must be prepare to fix mobile slow issue , So that your device could work properly. Here are the tips for you to fix this hang problem in your mobile .So today I will share you an article on (“How fix hang problem in your mobile” ).

Note- please ,properly solve these issues so that you can use your mobile without hang issues.

So as per you know when we buy a new phone it works properly ,But as per the time passes it decreases its performance. So it started when we installed different types of “ Mobile apps” so follow the below steps and procedure to make your mobile fast and use it without hang.

 What is the reason behind (Mobile hang) :-

  • By using multiple apps at the same time (multi tasking) of the phone then usually this phone gets slow by it.
  • Using less ram inside your phone can decrease the open time of your apps.
  • By less internal storage inside the mobile :-  There are many people who store their photos , videos , apps in the internal storage so that make your mobile full of storage and make your phone slow .
  • By not deleting the catch of the files make the phone slow and hang.
  • Using many apps inside your phone can make your device hang and slow.
  • Installing heavy games and apps causes heavy ram use which leads to slowing down your phone.
  • Entering a virus in your device can cause product deficiency which leads to the hang of your device.

How to solve mobile hang issues ?

1. Delete unusual data :-

As we use different apps and websites they uses like different caches and cookies to store our data , So your job is to delete those cookies and data inside your phone because it also take some space inside your memory unit ,So  to delete those just follow (setting>storage>cache)

2. Stop unwanted apps memory :-

If you are apophonic  then you must install  many apps on your mobile, But you can not use them all. By the way for your knowledge I said these apps are run in the background of the memory and use ram memory by that your mobile also gets slow. So to follow the steps to stop the use of background memory (Setting>Application>Select app >force stop) .

3. Remove those apps to SD card :-

If you install any mobile apps inside the mobile it stores in the internal- storage of the mobile , But it stores memory and makes the mobile slow . So your job is to move those apps inside the SD card to do that you might use third party apps by play store. 

SD card image

4. Delete the heavy apps inside the mobile :-

This is only for those whose mobile processor and ram is not capable of handling those heavy apps inside mobile .If you are in this category, my advice is to uninstall those heavy apps from your mobile by ensuring that your mobile works properly. 

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5. In low ram avoid multitasking:-

Smartphones are made to use multitasking facilities, but this is only for those who have those phones having high ram memory units .So i advise not to use multitasking facilities inside the low ram apps because it just affects your phone very much and makes it slow .

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