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Make old mobile phone into cctv camera :-

 How to make a mobile camera into cctv camera ?

Nowadays every student to every adult person must have a smartphone which can be used as a cctv. So first you must know what is the job of cctv and how to make a smartphone into a cctv camera .

What is the benefit of making a mobile camera into CCTV camera ?

Lets know how to make a mobile phone to a CCTV camera and know about what could be useful and harm could happen through it. Let’s get it one by one.

What is the basic need to make a mobile to CCTv camera ?


1. Install ip webcam in your device.

First of all install an app named “ip webcam” .It’s a free app and free to use it so you can find it on google play store by searching “ip webcam “or can download from the download button below.

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2. Now start the server.

After installing the app then open it .Then check the option of the “start server “and open it check the “ip address” below the app and copy this “ip address” . Open the browser of your pc and check this address from the ip address.

3.Check the ip address in the browser.

Now check the ipv4 address in your browser in the webcam sight and check the address properly if it is wrong then it can not connect the mobile with pc .

4. Now click on the video render flash option.

Now the webcam page is open and two options are shown on the screen one is the “video render” option and the second option is the “audio player” option .If you want to see or record live video then click on “video render” option then it start your live video option on your pc.

Note:- As we know if you want to display the best quality of audio or want to record live video then just click the “audio” player option which will record or you can live listen the audio option also or in the mobile you can check the video option where there is audio symbol will appear just click on it which will flash your audio also.

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