Scope Of Blogging In India 2021

How to earn $ 1000 from a blog?

Blogging in india :-

Many people believe that blogging is not a career option in India and no money can be made up with it . So today I will burst all the myths and tell you all the truth about blogging as a career  . First, let me introduce myself ashutosh , i started this website as a platform to share my personal blogging experience with you. Hope you like my article on “How to make 1000$ from blogging” . This is my personal opinion on this topic, You can share your personal opinion in the comment below. 

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Tips and Tricks to earn money with blogging .

Whether or not there is a blogging scope in 2020 and if you have to earn $ 1000 every month by creating a blog. So what you will have to do for that, you are going to get all those things in this blogging journey in this post, then you should remain and learn something with this post so that you can also earn money.

So if you also want to earn money by doing some work online, then you must read this post completely and if you like our post, then definitely share this post.

I share my personal opinion one by one in question answer method which helps you to learn a lot from this blog .

Scope Of Blogging In India 2020  

Question-1 :-

I have heard this from a lot of people, no one likes to read blogs these days because they get all the information through videos on YouTube whose people do not read anything and in the way more attention to video content. being given. So will it be right to start a blog in such a way and along with this, can we earn money from blogging in 2020?

My opinion:-

So if you want to earn money by blogging 2020, you have to change the way you do your blogging, first people can make money by making any kind of content, but it is not going to happen yet. If you really want to earn good money from blogging. So for the way you or other people used to blogging, now you have to change that way.

For this, first of all, you have to choose a good Niche, about which you can give very good knowledge and there is no other work on that Niche before. Previously, anyone used to create a blog on any Niche, but right now you do not have to do this, you will have to work on the same Niche, which you are well aware that you can give the right information to all your users.

Another thing has been that blogging has come down a lot due to the introduction of Youtube or other video content platforms. So it is not as if you know that I have been blogging since the year 2009 and at that time it was being said that blogging is going to end now but there is nothing like that.

Because whoever needs information about anything, he will only make sense from that information, not that he is getting it in Video Format or in Text Format. Yes, of course, people like watching videos more, but it is not that blogging will end in the coming time.

How to avoid Google’s Core Updates? :-

Question-2 :-

So, it happens very often that different types of updates are coming in Google, due to which the ranking of our blog falls. Then what should we do so that the ranking of our blog is maintained?

My opinion :- 

All the updates that Google has, the ranking of the blogs of only those people who are properly aware of blogging and Black Hat SEO is done. If you are working well on your blog, then your blog will not get that much help.

Because Google brings such updates, so that whoever is using Black Hat SEO Technique to rank their posts, by filtering all those blogs, Google through all their updates Black SEO Ranking Down of those blogs.

Google itself wants that all the people to whom the content is reaching, those people get good content, not that they have written anything and they are also ranking. And some people believe that if you are posting regular content on your blog. So, if your blog will rank, then there is no such thing at all. Regular Posting No, you have to post good content, it will rank your blog.

Idea :-

From Google’s point of view, you will also increase the authority of the blog, so that your blog will also be protected from Google’s Core Updates. And I want to tell you again that you should try whatever topic you are interested in, you have very good information about that thing so that you can write on that topic for a long time.

And you will never feel bored while writing a post because you love to write it, so if you use all these things in your blogging journey then you will definitely become a successful blogger one day.

How to start blogging in 2020? :-

Question-3 :-

There are many people who search on Google that “How to Earn money online” and all the results that they get, Blogging, Youtube, Affiliate Marketing all have their name. And there are some people that after starting a blog today, they leave only thinking that some earning is not happening.

My opinion :-

So if you want to learn blogging, then you have to give at least 1 year of time to learn blogging because it takes so much time to learn blogging and you are also learning blogging, so do not do it. That you are only a Sikh. Along with learning, you have to start a blog and do things like Content-Writing, SEO as a practical, only then you can teach blogging well.

And all those who are thinking that after starting a blog today, they will start getting money after 1 month, then it is not at all like it took me close to 2 years to earn money from blogging. When we start studying, we never think that we will start earning money after so many days, but still we give it for 15 years in our studies.

So it is useless to think that soon after you start blogging, you will start getting money, you have to wait a bit to earn money by working on anything.

How to earn $ 1000 from a blog? :-

Question-4 :-

A lot of questions come, how can they earn money from themselves and if we create a blog and work on it then how much money can be made.

My opinion :-

So blogging is not the only thing from where you can earn $ 1000 a month, in addition to blogging, there are many things on the internet that you can earn even more than $ 1000 by learning well. So you will have to rank your blog on some High Search Volume Keyword or you will have to choose some topics where there is a low competition.

I got a video in which a blogger Mr. Pritam sir told about 20-25 such topics, in which you will get a lot of traffic and you can easily earn up to $ 1000 from there. (Watch This Video)

Or if you want to earn money from Affiliate Marketing, then you have to start a Micro Niche blog and try to rank that blog outside India in a country like USA because here if you sell any product then But you get a good sale.

With the help of which you can earn $ 1000 or more by using both Adsense and Affiliate Marketing.

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Conclusion :-

So in this post, you guys have learned how to earn $ 1000 by making a blog and Scope Of Blogging In India 2020, you must have got good information about both these things.

So I hope that you will definitely have this post, if you liked the post then definitely share it, thank you.

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