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Android is a popular operating system, nowadays this operating system is more popular than other operating systems. More users of android are present than any other users. Every app developer now a days follow the trend and make an app for their website. Which helps them to get more traffics on their apps. If you want to generate more income so you can also follow my below steps and generate passive income for you.

Hahn!! Now the time to make an app. As per my knowledge with out any knowledge of programming skills or coding you can’t make an proper app. So is it necessary to be a coder, I said no . You can make an app for completely free with out using any single code. So follow my below steps and yes you can also make an app for completely free.

How to make an android app:-

To make an android app you must have a free laptop or computer and must have an internet connection with it because today I am telling you about  making an app online (free) without any knowledge of programing language skills .

  1. Open appsgeyser website or app :-

Now open appsgeyser website on your computer and open it and make an online app . It is very popular and reliable to use now click on the “create now” option.

This website helps you to make an app for your website.
  1. Now choose your category:-

Now choose the category in which you want to publish your android app .For example – if i choose to display an app in the category of website so just choose it and make an app. In this article I show how to make an app in the category of website .

  1. Now provide URL of your website:-

After choosing the category of android app then provide the URL of the blog in the website . Now wait for some time to sync your data through the URL now provide the icon which is the icon of your app  .

Read more about :-

By this help you can set your preference of your app.
  1. Click on create option:-

Now provide all details of your app then an option will pop up “create”. Just click omit and wait for some time .

This provide you to signup in this website.
  1. Now provide new email id and new password :-

If you did all steps very carefully then a pop window will come up just fill the email id and fill the password option or you can connect this by Facebook signup option. Then you have to verify your email id by a link will send to your email id just click on it and verify it. After all is done successfully then you can download all source files of your application.

  1. Conclusion:- If you want to publish an application but lack knowledge in programming skills and language and have not much money for hiring a programmer . So I am here to help you go through the website :- “appsgeyser”  and follow the above steps and make an app for your blog and business .

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