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Frequently you notice that when you buy a new Laptop or PC , It works very well but after the time runs it starts its problems like hangs and other issues like it works very slow and could not render your work properly. So let’s start Today section :-(“How to make your laptop fast” , “Best tips to work Fast”).

Let’s think that as a pc or a laptop it’s a machine and after some years it gets slow as the processor gets old . In the case of computers it also works the same , As time passes the processor gets old so you must update your processor from time to time .Another factor is ram also so as the ram get not update the laptop or pc gets slow as the time passes ,Then the last factor is if you not optimize your computer from time to time then the computer also get slow .

Computer Ram hang problem :-

Ram :- As per we know if you use a laptop and pc the main component of the computer is ram ,Because all the software and app you load must load through the ram . So if you use the heavy usage of  ram then yes you must update it to a higher version ,neither your laptop or pc get slow (Hang) by it .

Computer virus :- There is another chance that computer virus can also slow your computer.

Old driver installed :- There are some people who did not update their drive so by using an old drive for many years it can also slow your computer.

Hard disk gets full :- There are some people who did not partition their hard disk .So as the space is low for the c-drive ,hence the computer or laptop get slow and get hanged also as the time passes.

Window corruption :-  Yes, this is also a problem if you do not update your windows as the time passes .Like- if you use windows -8 over for many years and did not upgrade it to windows-10 so this may cause the software diligence and make your computer or laptop more slow.

How to make your computer or laptop fast :-

Step-1:-Disable startup program :-

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As per we know when we open our laptop or computer, Then there are some apps which also run along with the computer started .So by these apps the process gets slow also and by this our computer gets slow .So here some steps for you to disable these apps by that your computer works fast .

  1. Ctrl + alt + delete button get press.
  2. Check Task manager 
  3. Click on Start up .
  4. Select the app. 
  5. Disable it .

Step-2:-Windows one drive get unlink :-

As per I know that there are only few people who know about this OneDrive and a few who use it also. So this is a cloud based storage app which help you to store a duplicate of your file in online cloud storage so by this if accidentally if you delete your file then by this OneDrive you can easily access your file through online cloud storage so you must disable it or unlink pc so that your data is not get transferred and your pc or laptop did not get slow or hang.

So to unlink your pc follow these steps.;-

  1. Search for OneDrive in windows.
  2. Click on the app setting.
  3. Check account. 
  4. Unlink pc.
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Step-3:-Disable animation and visual effects :- So as the computer software and apps or games we play that depend upon these graphics and animation . So if you want then you can change your graphics and animation to low and also you can stop it.

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Benefit you get by this :-

If you down  the animation and also stop it then the app processing speed gets increased , So with that help you can fast access your apps and software as you wanted . So these benefits help you to speed your computer and laptop.

  1. First go to control panel
  2. Click on the advance system.
  3. Click on the advance system .
  4. In advance option click on setting option.
  5. Click on the visual effect option and  unselect it .
  6. Click on ok option.

Step-4  Remove virus from computer :-

If your computer gets slow after sometime then there is a big reason behind it  i.e-”Virus’ .So you can out the virus by the help of Antivirus software and you can also manually out the virus by reading my article on “How to remove virus from pc”.

Step-5  Disk cleanup :-

Computer is just like a machine so it get hang and get slow if the disk is get full , So you must clean up the disk in time so that your computer get not slow and get hanged .Yes there isMicrosoft Windows is present which delta your catches,temp,data, file etc. You can do this by following some steps :-

  1. Search on windows disk cleanup.
  2. Now select on c drive and click on ok.
  3. Now select those data which you want to delete  and click on ok.

Step-6 Free up space in c drive :-

If you use  most of your high software and gaming apps then the c drive changes its colour to red in color ,Which indicates that the c drive is full and no space is present there . So you must try to keep the c drive out of some space so that your computer and laptop can work more properly.

NOTE:- “This type of case is generally seen in laptop.So use Hard Disks so that you can use it”.

Step-7 Delete the unusual apps :-

There are some software’s and apps present in your laptop this can cause lag in it ,So fix it by clearing these software’s.

Step-8 How to reset computer and laptop  :- 

So follow above steps, if not work properly ,install new windows service.

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  1. Search for setting and click on it.
  2. Select the system .
  3. Update the system.
  4. Click on recovery mode.
  5. Reset the pc and stared .



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