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How to do Keyword Research Complete information about Keyword Research ?

Keyword Research Tools – Is your blog not getting any traffic at all, till now you have written around 100 posts on your blog but still you are not getting traffic, then today I am very sure that you But why is the traffic not coming?

Most blogs quit working on their blog because traffic does not come on their blog, you must have heard from many people that you will publish your blog posts daily, traffic will come on your blog. Even after that, if traffic is not coming on your blog, you are making a mistake, which I also made in my initial days.

And that was that I used to think that if I write blog posts every day, then there will be a lot of traffic on my blog, but nothing like this happened to me, I kept writing posts in this way for almost 2 years, but I have no one for this thing Did not benefit.


When I used to write a post, I used to write only those posts which I thought people could search about it or it would be with the problem and people also, then I could publish that information on my blog by making a post. Used to give

Then after some time, when I looked at my Google Search Console, I found some Keywords there and then I came to know that there is also something called Keyword Research. After that when I started doing Keyword Research before writing a post on my blog

So I started getting very good results on my blog and in this way my blog posts started getting ranked on good keywords. You probably have understood that if we have to bring traffic to our blog then it is very important to do Keyword Research for it. So, today I am going to give you complete information related to Keyword Research.

Such as: –

  • What is a Keyword?
  • How to do Keyword Research?
  • Both Free and Paid about Keyword Research Tools.
  • How to add your Targeted Keyword to a post.

So let’s get to know all the information related to Keyword Research.

What would be the keyword?

Before doing keyword research, we have to know the meaning of Keyword. I will try and explain to you in easy language what Keyword is. Keyword is what we search in any search engine,

Such as “Make Money Online” or “How to earn money online”, this keyword can be in any language. Similarly, you must also be searching on Google, suppose you need information about something.

So when you go to your Browser or Google.Com to get information about something that Word or Sentence writes, it is called Keyword. Whenever we write a blog post that rank on keyword.

We must write blog post related to keyword which helps us to rank more. There are many people who do not research on keyword before publishing post.

Those people who do Keyword Research should also read these posts because in this I have also told you many such things which will help you in finding a good Keyword.

How important it is to do Keyword Research for Blog, you can guess by looking at these screenshots.

This helps show you how keyword research is important for your blog.

This screenshot above is when I had no idea about Keywords Research at all.

This show you how important is keyword search .

And just after that, when I used to post keywords research on my blog. After that you can see for yourself how much traffic has increased on my blog.

Tools used to do Keyword Research:-

So this is for those people who do not know how to do Keyword Research? So let me tell you from the beginning how you should do Keyword Research. We need to do Keyword Research.

With the help of some tools, we can know how much the search volume of that keyword is, how much is the Keyword Difficulty, how much traffic is coming from that country on that keyword.

We get some such information with the help of these tools. Now this Paid also comes and free, I will tell you about both tools, then according to that you can see which one you should use.

  • Ahrefs
  • Semrush
  • Ubersugesst 
  • WMS Everywhere (Chrome Extension)

So about all these tools, I will tell you, how you can do Keyword Research using these tools. So let’s know how Keyword Research is done.

Here I will tell about all these tools and how we do manual keyword research along with it, I will also tell about it.

1. Ahrefs

This is a paid tool helps you to access more keyword for your blog.

Ahrefs is a Paid Tool. This tool is one that a lot of Blogger uses, if you ask any blogger that you can Suggest a tool to do Keyword Research, then they will tell you about this tool.

 The best part of this tool is that when you use it for the first time, you will not face any problem in using it.

Because it’s design has been kept very simple that you can use it easily. Using this, we can know the search volume of any Keyword and along with it, Keyword Difficulty, CPC, Click can know all these things.

Search Volume means how many people are searching for that Keyword. Most people use this tool because in this, along with Keyword Research, we can analyze the website of anyone else, on which keyword his website is ranking.

And from where he has created backlinks for his post or domain. If you have to do any low competition keyword search, it can make your work easier because it has a very good feature of filtering the keyword, which makes our work easier.

2. Semrush

This is also a paid tool which helps you to rank your site

Semrush is also a Paid Tool. We can also take its Free Trial but we cannot use it more than we have limits. If you are a beginner, you can also take its Free Trial.

But I would like to tell you that after purchasing it, it will be very easy to find any Keyword Research. Whatever you get in the free trial will not be seen here.

Like Ahrefs, we will also get to see many features here, such as if we have to analyze someone else’s website, they can do it and if they want to do Keyword Research, they can also do it.

Now let’s talk about its special feature, which you do not get to see in any other tools. That is, in this we get a Seo Writing Assistant who guides how to write content.

For that, we just have to write our targeted keywords, after that, you have to start writing posts in it, it will also tell you that if you write an article of so many words, then your post will start to rank.

So as you write the post it will tell you where you have made a mistake.

So in this way you can prepare a Quality Content. In addition to a Focus Keyword in each of our posts, we also have to find a related Keyword so that our post can be ranked on more than one keyword. For that, we can use its Keyword Magic Tool.

3. UberSuggest 

This is a paid or free tool helps you to find more suitable keywords for your website.

If you are looking for such tools to do Keyword Research which is also free, then this tool will be good for you but it does not work as well as you can with Paid Tool but you also think that This is done by doing Keyword Research for free.

But here we cannot do Keyword Research as well as we can in Ahrefs and Semrush, but here we cannot find many things as well that we can do a good Keyword ReSearch.

Still with the help of this tool we can check the Search Volume of any Keyword.

But you guys do not believe the CPC of that Keyword because it sometimes shows wrong data. After knowing the search volume of the Keyword, we can find it by searching Manual whether it can be ranked on that Keyword or not.

4. WMS Everywhere (Chrome Extension)

It works very differently from the rest of the tools, and it is a Chrome Extension that we can use in our Chrome Browser itself and at the same time it is also tool free.

This is a free tool from google which helps you to access more suitable keyword for your site.

People who do not have enough money to purchase above expensive tool, They can use this chrome extension to get their SEO ranking tool which help them to index or rank on google.

Though you have search for other related keywords you could not find it ,But with the help of this tool, only we can know the search volume and related keywords of Keyword.

For that, the first thing to do is to download it and after that activate this extension, then all we have to do is search on Google the keyword which we also want to know the Search Volume.

Just below the Search Box, his Search Volume will come written and along with the Related Keywords will also come in the Sidebar, with the help of which you can create a good article.

How to do Keyword Research?  

Keyword research is very important before writing a post. If there is no search for any keyword for your post, then it will be very difficult to get traffic on your blog.

I will not say at all that you will be taught to do Keyword Research in a day. For this, you will definitely have to give some time when you post slowly by doing Keyword Research, then traffic will also come on your blog and you will also know how to find a good Keyword for your blog.

I have told you about some tools above, you can know the Search Volume of any Keyword from there. So you can use any of these tools, if you use Ahrefs or Semrush, it would be better.

Let us know once how we should do Keyword Research, then I am using Semrush Tool here, you can also do Keyword Research with the help of this tool.

So for that, first of all we have to log in to your Ubersugesst account, after which you have to put a keyword related to whatever article you are going to work on in this box here.

After that, we have to choose the country in which country we want to rank that article.

Then we have to click on the Search button, after that all the data for that Keyword will be shown, so now we can see from here how much of the Search Volume of this Keyword is

And how much is its Keyword Difficulty. I have only explained this to you for an example, if you have a new blog, then you do not have to do such a keyword.

This is the volume and cpc result of your keyword

I have told you below what kind of keywords you should work on, so once you understand that, you can find a good keyword.

1. Long Tail Keywords 

For a new blog, we should always find Long Tail Keywords only because Long Tail Keywords get ranked very quickly in Google, the competition on these keywords is very less.

Long Tail Keywords are those keywords which have 3 or more words such as “How to earn money onlineā€,it is a Long Tail Keyword. If our blog is still new, then we should work on similar keywords.

2. Low Competition Keywords 

If we want to rank the post in Google quickly, then for that we will have to find keywords with low competition in our post. Low competition is those keywords on which very few people have written a post.

We must have written our posts, using the same keywords in our posts, we can rank very quickly. If you all want to know how we find low competition keywords, then you have definitely read about it.

3. Google Dorks 

After doing Keyword Research, a lot of bloggers still do not use this Technique. Using Google Dorks, we can manually check our Keyword

We should work on that Keyword or not. So we can use it in such a way that we will first find any one keyword, after that we will check how many posts related to Keyword are already indexed in Google.

So for that we have to go to Google.Com and write our Keyword and then add the character with Double Quotes before and after it. Example: – If our Keyword is, Earn money online, then we will have to search something like this “Earn money online”.

After searching, this keyword must have been used in all the posts that we will show in the results. So in this way we can find out that

How many posts have been written on your keywords so far, if the results are up to 10,000 or 15,000, then you must make a post on that topic and try to write better than all the top ranked pages.

This helps you to show latest result of your webiste

Now if we want to see this result even better, then we have to search Inurl: “Your Keyword” in this way before our Keyword.

So as you can see how the results coming in Google have reduced so much, it shows how many people have used this Keyword in the Permalink or URL of their post. And it is checked that for all the people who have used the same Keyword in their title, then for that we will have to search in Google. Intitle: “Your Keyword” Search this.

Now you can see that there are only 8 posts in which it has used Keyword, then in this way we can know about Keyword better using Google Dorks.

How to find multiple keywords? 

You can find a good Keyword in the manner mentioned above, which will bring good traffic to your blog, but we should never rank your post on a Keyword, we should rank our post on multiple keywords. This is why you should do it

Because if our post only ranks on a single keyword and the search volume of keywords is only 1000, then there will be very less traffic there and if we rank our post on multiple keywords, then

We will get more than 1000 traffic because now our own post has started ranking on different keywords. Let us now know how to find multiple keywords to rank the post.

1. Google Suggest

So in this list comes Google Suggest, which you all also know about, but if you do not know how to use it, then I am going to tell you about it.

This helps you to find multiple keywords for your website.

Our main Keyword is to be written by going to Google.Com, but before that you open it by clicking CTRL + Shift + N button in Incognito Mode in your browser, then start typing your Keyword in its Search Box.

Do not have to write the keyword all at once, you have to write one by one word, then you will see that you will come under Auto Suggest Keyword under Google’s Search Box, then you can use these keywords in your article.

2. People Also Search For 

So if you want some more Keywords or Topic, then first of all, any one Keyword that you are going to work on, then whatever post is coming up in Google Search Result.

this shows the  interests of people search for.

Then open any of the posts showing in Google Search Result, if you want to read that post then you can also read it, otherwise you will come back to the page with the same Search Result.

Now you will have a Box Show by a People Also Search For below that post, in which you will get a lot of keywords, which you can cover in your post. Then a new post can also be created on those keywords.

3. Search Related To 

So with the help of Google, we can find more related keywords, for that we have to search our Main Keyword in Google and after that, come to the bottom from where we take the Google Search Result to the next page.

Now you will find many keywords there, which you can use in your post. So in this way you can rank your post on more than one keyword for your post. So it can bring more traffic than before.

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