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How to verify Instagram Account In 2021

How to Verify Instagram Account? (Blue Tick For Instagram )

If the Instagram account is verified, people keep on increasing their followers on Instagram to get the Blue Tick. In such a situation, if your followers have become so much that you feel that now the Instagram account should be verified and you should get a blue tick, then for this you have to apply for Instagram verification and here you are going to get the same information. How to Verify Instagram Account?

In such a situation, if you also want to apply for your account, then you can apply in the way mentioned here and this will get a blue tick on your account as you get to see on Celebrities account. If it is available to a verified account, then there are very few people who have got the blue tick mark so far, in such a situation, they have a different reputation among the people.

So here we will understand what an Instagram Verified account is? And together we will get detailed information about its requirements and verification process, so that whenever you feel that the account is now ready to apply.

What does Instagram Account Verified mean?

Instagram Verification means that the account of a person who is a Celebrity, Public Figure, Business, Creator, or any Notable person. This creates a credibility of the account among the people. In today’s time, every user who uses Instagram has a dream that their account gets verified.

To identify a verified account, you get to see a blue tick along with the photo & name, which is like a signature. With this, any account is identified that it is verified and is an account of a person who is one of the categories like Celebrity, Public Figure, Business, Creator.

It is known by another name Verification badge and generally uses the same name. But understand that it is all the same. In such a situation, if you get to hear any word, then you understand that there is talk about verification.

Who is eligible to verify Instagram account?

As we mentioned, not everyone can get a verified badge. It is designed for some unique types of logos. In such a situation, if you will be eligible for Instagram blue tick, then your account will have all these features because followers on Instagram are on the account of many people but the badge is made only for authentic people.

In such a situation, from the Instagram verification eligibility criteria, you will understand yourself whether your account is eligible for this or not because if all the requirements mentioned here are not fulfilled with your account then you cannot apply.

If your account fulfills all these requirements, then you are eligible to go to the verification process and you can apply so that you can get a blue tick on the account. There is no information about followers anywhere in its guideline but at least 10 There should be a thousand followers only then it can be applied for.

How to Verify Instagram Account?

If you think that you are eligible then you are now ready to make a verification request and once requested, the Instagram team will check your account and it thinks you should give a blue tick verified badge then you will know about it by mail Will give information and the tick will start showing on your account.

So let’s not waste your time, know about its Get Verified on Instagram,

Step 1. For whichever account you want to apply to, go to the Instagram App and select that account.

Step 2. Now you click on the side bar and click on Setting Option.

Step 3. There will be an account option in the setting, click on it.

Step 4. Now here you will see the option of Request Verification with many options, click on it.

Step 5. Now enter the details you are being asked from here such as real name, documents and links to other social media here.

Step 6. After entering everything, review it once to see if any information is wrong. If everything is correct then you submit the request and the request will be sent.

Now your application will be submitted for review and the Instagram team will review it completely for 2 to 6 days and when they are satisfied with your account, you will get information through Instagram notification and email whether your account is verified or not. If it happens, then the blue tick will let you see the name in front.


If you do not get the verification badge after applying. So you don’t need to worry. For this, you have some tips, keeping them in mind, you become a chance to meet further. With this you can quickly get an Instagram verified badge.

Real Followers:

You should try not to have any kind of fake and auto generated followers on the account because it has been seen that many people apply again by increasing their auto followers. Due to which their account gets disqualified. In such a situation, you will have to increase real followers in your account in an organic way, who like your content.

If you use good hashtags with posts, videos and reels and update the original content regularly. So you get more chances that you can increase real followers and for this we have told many ways here how to increase Instagram followers.

Impostor accounts:

If you share your content on another account and you are thinking that it will have a negative impact for you, then it is not so. This is a good thing for you because this will increase your popularity and Instagram will consider your account as the primary account which will get the verification badge, so you do not need to worry about it.

Delete Social Media Links

If you are going to apply for Instagram verification, then first remove the link of any other social media from Instagram profile. As seen many people use Twitter, Facebook or any other social media account on their account which is not valid. That’s why you should first delete the social media links from the profile.

Friends, here we have told you how to get an Instagram Verified account and how you can request for Instagram verification. Some tips have also been shared here which will help you to get verified quickly and we hope you liked this information if you have any question or suggestion. So you can give us information about this.

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