How to Upload Instagram Reels Video from PC? | Without Emulator

We are going to give information about uploading Instagram Reels video from PC in this post. In such a situation, if you want to upload Instagram Reels video from a direct PC, then all the tips are here. Here we can use the Reels app from the PC without downloading any software to the computer.

Instagram Reels is made for mobile only. Therefore, a user from a computer, laptop can watch the reel video but cannot upload it. In such a situation, some people use an Android emulator in the room of Tricks, for which they first download a big software on the computer and then use it by downloading the Instagram App there.

You must also know that if the Android emulator is downloaded on PC, then the performance of PC becomes slow. Such software also does not run smoothly. In such a situation, we have researched and found a tool from the Internet that will not have to be installed on PC and you can upload Instagram Reels Video from PC.

Instagram Reels:

Instagram Reels is a short video feature from which users using Instagram can share videos of up to 30 seconds. It is a big competitor of YouTube Shorts in India and is the most used short video platform after the TikTok ban. If you do not know then click here and know what Instagram Reels?

Some of its features :

  1. You can upload and record videos from mobile.
  2. You can add music to the video.
  3. Duet video can be made with any video already uploaded.
  4. You can apply effects to the video.
  5. Write text on video.
  6. You can upload an already edited video.

How to Upload Instagram Reels Video from PC

It is not that the Android app cannot be used on PC. There are many ways by which users can run all Android apps on their PC and they can also use Instagram reels in it. For this Android emulator computer software comes which can be downloaded and used on PC.

But the software running Android on PC is very big and to use them smoothly on the computer, one needs a PC with good configuration, which is impossible for everyone to have. In such a situation, we did some research on the Internet and looked for an alternative to the emulator,

Instagram Reels Upload Online by PC .
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Using this, Instagram Reels can be uploaded from PC and there is no need to download any software. The name of this technique is Google Chrome extension and a tool is found here Insisst Instagram Client.

INSSIST | Web Client for Instagram

This is an extended web tool using Instagram app directly on PC. Through INSSIST, users can use all the features that they do on the mobile app. After adding it to chrome, as an Instagram account is logged in, it clones the entire app.

Before knowing about how to use it, we get information about what features will be available in it. What features can you use if you add it with Chrome?

  • You can upload photos, videos, and stories.
  • IGTV can upload videos.
  • Can upload reels video.
  • There are many #Hashtag suggestions available here. Which can be used with Post.
  • Any photo, video or story can be saved.
  • You can schedule posts from here.
  • You will get information about viral content ideas.
  • Can manage multiple accounts simultaneously.

Step to Upload Instagram Reels Video From PC:

There are some easy steps by which you can use your Instagram account on PC. without downloading any software.

Step 1. First of all open Chrome Web Browser.

Step 2. Now go to the Chrome web store and search INSSIST. Direct access to Web Client for Instagram or by clicking on the link here.

Step 3. Now here you will find a button named Add to Chrome, click on it. This will integrate this extension with your Chrome browser and make it ready to use.

Upload Reels in Instagram by help of PC

Step 4. Now open Instagram website on browser and login your account. Where to upload reels video, whether it is a brand or personal account.

Step 5. Now on the Chrome browser, an extension icon is given on the top right corner, by clicking on it INSSIST. Select Web Client for Instagram Extension.

Chrome web store INSSIST Web addon .

Step 6. Now Instagram App will open in front of you with a mobile view and you will get a full mobile like feature.

Instagram dashboard online in 2021 .

Step 7. Here click on + Sign and click on Reels option. As the reels option is seen on mobile.

Upload reels in Instagram by help of PC.

Step 8. Now select the video file from the computer and upload it on the reels. But you have to pay attention that big videos will not be uploaded here, you can do the same video from computer as you used to do from mobile.


Friends, we have learned here how to do Instagram Reels Video from PC and for this we have told about one such method by using Google tricks. Using which you can upload videos from a computer and for this you do not have to download any kind of software. This will save your internet and time and you can upload YouTube videos as well as Instagram reels videos from the computer itself. Hope you liked this information, if you have any question or suggestion, then definitely tell me about it in the comment.

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