How to Submit Tax Information in Google AdSense

Do you want to know about how to submit tax information in Google AdSense (How to submit tax information in google AdSense)? The notification of a 24% tax on traffic coming from US countries has been made public by Google. If you have a Google AdSense account then you need to know it.

‘How to Submit Tax Information in Google AdSense’ This article is very important for both bloggers and YouTubers, so read the article completely, because if you do not submit tax information then you may have to give 24% of your earnings to google. Is.

You can reduce your tax by reading the information given here and bloggers (who have a website) can save their entire tax. I have explained here step by step how you can save your entire tax.

How to submit tax info in AdSense .

In this article, you will learn, How to submit Tax Information in Google AdSense, How to submit tax information in Google AdSense, Submit tax on Google Adsense.

Why Submit Tax Information in Google AdSense?

The way people pay tax in India, companies pay tax to the government, similarly, Google also has to give part of its earnings to the US government. In such a situation, you are taking payment from a company outside India, so google takes one-third of your earnings from us, which you can see on your account page of Google Adsense.

But the thing to note here is that the company is located in the US and you are getting its service in India. Apart from this, you are also earning monetization with the views of people living in the US. So it simply means that you are attracting the people of their country to you and earning from them.

The US government gives more value to the people of its country and you see this in the news as well. In such a situation, if you are earning from them, So this tax by them is not a big deal.

The government of India also collects 100 times more tax on everything received from the US, so we buy something worth Rs 100 here for Rs 200. Therefore, the US government will now collect tax from you under the revenue tax law.

How much tax will Google have to pay

According to the norms released by Google, if you are a YouTuber, then you will have to pay 24% of your earnings to google and if you submit tax information then you will have to pay only 15% tax.

This is only for youtube channels, if you are the owner of a website and you are earning from Google AdSense then you will have to pay 0% tax to google. That is, the more you earn, the more you will get. In this Google, Extra will not charge any tax.

But it is not that the blogger will not have to fill in the tax information. If a website owner does not submit google AdSense tax information before 31 May, then google will charge 24% i.e. full tax from him.

According to Google’s announcement (Chapter 3 under the U.S. Internal Revenue Code), YouTubers outside the US (Outside of the United States), whose views come from the US, will be taxed. Google has set a 24 to 30% tax by default. It will vary where your views are coming from.

After knowing ‘How to Submit Tax Information in Google AdSense’, if you submit tax information, you will prove that you are not a US citizen and you will pay money only on views that have come to America, then google will ask you the only US. Will charge you money only on oncoming traffic.

The interesting thing is that you will not even know that Google has taken 15% tax from you. Google will automatically deduct the earnings and deposit them in your Adsense account.

For example, if you have an amount of $100 in your account then only $85 will be deposited in your bank account after deducting 15% tax.

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So let’s see, How to add TAX Info in Google AdSense.

How to Submit US Tax Information to Google AdSense Account

If you have a YouTube account, then you can see the tax notification in your AdSense account. To submit tax information, it is necessary to enable monetization on YouTube channels, only then you can apply for AdSense.

You cannot see the notification for Blogger right now, but soon it will be displayed in Adsense.

To submit Tax Information in Google AdSense, follow all the steps given below carefully so that you do not make any mistake in filling the tax information and you can save the money you have earned.

1. First of all login to a Google AdSense account with your Gmail user id and password.

2. Tax-related messages will appear on the screen in the account of YouTube creators. From there, click on the “Manage tax info” link.

3. A page will open to add tax information, on the next page click on the “Add Tax Info” button.

4. A new page will open on the browser to give information about US tax information (if you are in incognito mode then you will need to log in again with AdSense id after you are logged in you will redirect to the same page)

5. Select Individual in Type of account, and if you have a business account then select Non-individual/entity. Proceed by clicking on the “Next” button.

6. If you are not a US citizen, then select the “No” option and click on the Next button.

7. Select the W-8BEN form in the W-8 tax form type and click on the “Start W-8BEN form” button.

8. Fill in the following information in the W-8BEN form-

  • Enter your name in the Name of Individual. It will take your name from the default (type your name in the same way as you would on the PAN card)
  • Select the country from which you are in the Country of citizenship. I am from India so I have selected India.
  • Enter your PAN number in the Taxpayer identification number (Foreign TIN) and click on the “Next” button. Leave the rest of the fields like US ITIN or SSN field, DBA blank.

9. In this section you have to fill in the address, you should use the same address which you have given for AdSense address verification.

  • Tick ​​Permanent resident address is a PO….
  • Select your country.
  • Fill in the information like Permanent address, Town/City, Pincode, State, etc.
  • Tick ​​“Postal address is same as permanent residence address” and click on the Next button.

The next step is important for you, here you have to fill out the tax treaty information, so that you can claim to reduce the tax.

10. Select the “Yes” option and select your country. Tick ​​Resident of the country claiming.. to YES.

11. Special rates and conditions You will see 3 options. You have to select all three options. Select 0% reduce the rate by selecting Article 7 and paragraph 1 in Service (AdSense).

12. In Motion Picture and TV (YouTube, Google Play) select Article 12 and paragraph 2A II and choose a 15% reduction rate.

13. In Other Copyright (YouTube, Google Play) by selecting Article 12 and paragraph 2A II, choose 15% to reduce the rate and click on the Next button.

14. On the next page you will see the application preview. Tick ​​on I confirms that I have… and click on Next button.

15. In the certification, you have been told about the penalties for filling in the wrong information. Read and understand all the points well and follow the following steps-

  • Enter your full legal name.
  • If you are filling in the tax information yourself, then select “Yes, I am the person listed..” and if you are submitting the application through an agent, lawyer, select the “No” option.
  • Proceed by clicking on the Next button.

16. You have to fill the Affidavit in the Activities and services performed in the US section. Fill in the information here after reading it carefully and submit it only after that.

  • Select No option and select I certify that the services provided to Google or…
  • In the status change affidavit, if you are already using AdSense and have taken payment then choose 1st option.
  • And if you have not taken payment yet, then by selecting the 2nd option, select Under penalties of perjury, I declare that… and click on submit button.

Congratulations! You have successfully submitted an Adsense tax form. You can see the Tax approved status on the screen.

If you have made any mistake in filling the form, then you can submit Tax Information to Google AdSense again by clicking on the submit new form button.

In this way, you can easily submit tax information to google Adsense sitting at home and save your money.

Some questions related to Google Adsense Tax – Answers

Here I have added some important questions and answers to the article so that you do not have to go anywhere else to get the information related to it.

Q.1 What is the last date to fill AdSense tax info?

According to Google, you can submit tax information till 31 May. After this Google will deduct 24% from your every payment.

Q.2 Can only YouTube creators fill AdSense tax information?

It is mandatory for YouTube creators to fill in tax information. If a YouTuber does not submit tax info, then he will have to pay 24% of the payment and you will not be able to change it later.

Q.3 Even if the YouTube channel is not monetized, you will have to pay tax?

No, when your AdSense is created, after that you can fill this form. But I am saying this again and again because it is mandatory to fill it and I think you would also like to save your tax.

To be monetized on YouTube, you must have 4000 hours and 1000 subscribers, then only you can connect YouTube with AdSense account.

Q.4 Will blogger also have to pay tax?

No! Tax will not be charged from any website owner (blog).

If you are a blogger, then while submitting tax information, you should select 0% reduce rate option in the service section, only then you will not have to pay tax. But if you accidentally select 30% then you will be forced to pay 30% tax in addition to 24%.

Q.5 How much tax will Youtubers have to pay in India?

If you are from India and all your views are coming from India then you will not have to pay any tax. But this month, if your earning is $ 120 and $ 20 has come from America, then you will have to pay Google 15% of $ 20. This means that in total, 15% of $100 and $20 will be deposited into your bank account.

Conclusion :-

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