How to make a news website

How to create a news site & get google news approval?


How to create a News Site, Hello friends and welcome to all of you in our new post today in this post, I am going to tell you how to create a News Site and how to get Google News Approval on it. If you have a Google News Approved Website, then how can you earn money from it. So all these things have been told in today’s post, which you can earn very good money after learning.


How to create a news website and How to get Google news approval. Basically I will share my own experience about this matter which helps you to create a fast news website and earn a good traffic in it by google approval . I will share this knowledge in the question and answer method.


What is Google News?  :-

This helps you to know about Google News

Google News is a platform where if our website gets approved, then we get good traffic from there, after that we do not have to see that the volume of keywords we are using in our content is not good. If you have seen in the Google Chrome Browser of mobile, then by doing “Articles For You” on its homepage, there is one, which brings a lot of news under it.


So all these news would be posts of verified Sites in Google News which are shown to us there and similarly when we open Google, then there is a Discover Feed wherever there is a News Show. So all these news is related to our searched topics like Tech, Science, Review, Sports, Weather, Health, Entertainment. There are many posts related to Etc.


And if you want more information about Google News or “how to submit your site in Google News”, you can read our post to know it .


If you are a publisher then you can submit your site to Google News and take a lot of traffic from there. In Google News, you will get all the rules to approve the site and the rest of the information from the link given above.


Question 1: – Can anyone make money by creating a news site of theirs?

Answer :-  By the way, there is no such rule in India so far that you cannot create a news website, for this you do not have such a rule that you have to follow. But you should not post any Fake News so that information is available to more people. In this way anyone can create a news website.


Question 2: – There are already a lot of news websites, why would people come to our news website?


Answer :- So there is a lot of news that the media cannot cover or some such news which is from a very small place but does not even tell it’s news, then if we write a post, then people will definitely read it and agree Now, if anyone will read any news about IPL 2020, there are a lot of posts in the related post below the post, so if our website comes there then people will definitely reach our website from there.


Question 3: – What are the ways to earn money from News Websites?


Answer :- Once Google News Approve on our website, then we start getting traffic from it and at the same time, money can be earned from the Google AdSense ads that are placed in all the posts of our website. And if you have written a post like Best Headphone Under Rs. 1000 / -, so whoever comes to you by searching for it or you will come with the help of Google News, then you people can add an Affiliate Link there, with the help of that whenever they click on that link, they will buy the headphone. You will also get a commission, you can use Amazon’s Affiliate Program to use this Affiliate.


Along with all these, you can promote any brand, for that you will have to talk to a lot of brands on your behalf that we will promote your brand on our website for so many days, which you will have to pay so much. And if you want to promote your website too, then you can create a section in the sidebar of the website by sponsored post, where you can promote the link of the website of the people and in return you can earn money.


How to create a news website?  :-

Let us now know how to create a News Site or how to set up a News Site. So if you know how to create a blog then it will be very easy for all of you to create a news site, many people think that they have to learn Coding before making a website, after that they can create any website. So I want to tell all of you that it is not so if you do not know Coding, you can still create a website with the help of WordPress, then know how we will create a News Site on WordPress.


1. Buy A Domain 

So to start a news site, you have to take a domain that can be purchased from GoDaddy, Name cheap, BigRock Etc. Anywhere and you have to take a brandable domain of whatever domain so that when your website grows, then it starts reading the name. Yes, it is a brand. And you should try to understand that as soon as you read the name of the domain, people will understand that it is related to some news, but it is not necessary that the word news is required in that domain. As you can see, Zee News, ABP News are coming in the word News, but in NDTV or India TV, both these news sites have not used any word.


And if possible, before taking a fresh domain, try searching for an Expired Domain so that you will have to reduce the value for your site a bit because the Authority of the Expired Domain is already good. So if you also get an expired domain whose authority is very good and it is for a news site, then you can take that domain. If you do not find a domain with a good authority, then you can also take a Fresh Domain.


2. Buy Cloud Hosting

The best Hosting to create a News Site is Cloud Hosting because as soon as the traffic on your website is very high, it will be easily managed by Cloud Hosting and if you use Shared Hosting instead, then when the amount of content on your website increases. At that time, Shared Hosting will stop working and even if traffic increases, Shared Hosting is not able to take that much load, due to which your website is also down.


If you want to run a normal blog then you can use Shared Hosting because you do not have to put that much content on that blog, that is why Shared Hosting is right for the blog, but for the News Site, use Cloud Hosting only and I would suggest you Hosting of Cloudways, because I myself take Cloud Hosting from this same hosting company on many of my websites, I like its support very much, if you face any problem related to Hosting, then you will talk to them and you can tell your problem. Which these people will give you by solving.


Buy  Cloudways Hosting


3. Install WordPress & Theme

After connecting Domain and Hosting together, you have to install WordPress. Which you can learn by searching on Google, in which you have to install Through WordPress on cPanel. Then after that it comes, what should be the theme, because to make the website a good look, the theme does the most Matter, then for this you will get many themes such as: –


  • Newsmag
  • News Paper
  • Magazine Pro

So these are some themes that you can use. Although all three themes are very good, but still the best theme is News Paper X which is its latest version. You can customize this Theme very well. Like Menu, Side-Bar, Footer Etc. by doing some such changes, you can give this Theme a very good look.


4. Plugin

After all these things are properly set up, another main work has to be done. With the help of which a lot of our work is made easy. For example, if it is necessary to optimize the image to do on-page seo, then you will know all these things, then for this we can install any plugin so that it can be image-optimized.


And one thing should always be kept in mind that no unnecessary plugin should be installed on the WordPress website, because due to having more plugins, our website gets more loaded. Because of which it takes some time to open the website. If your website is taking more time to open, then it becomes a Minus Point according to both the user and SEO.


So there is some Basic Plugin that you must install.


So this is some plugin that you must use. And all these plugins are very good with the help of which you can give performance and a good Design to your website.


5. Choose Your Niche

For the News Site, you have to prepare the content and for the content, you have to first choose your Niche in which category you want to post the news. A lot of categories also come in the news such as Health News, Tech News Etc. You select any one category in some of such categories.


After that you have to write content, there are two ways of writing content, in which you have to see which method you start your website with.


  • Manual Content
  • Automation Content

Manual Content: – In this you have to prepare the content by yourself. Or if you have a team that writes content, then you and your team together can prepare the content. You can also Hire a Journalist who will continue to give you content or news by which you can create content. And this is a good way to create a News Site.


Automation Content: – Now as it is known by its name, in this way you can prepare automatic content. With the help of WP Robot Plugin, automatic content can be published on the news site.


For that, you have created a news site of any topic, you will have to search some Rss Feed links from that category, you will have to add it to the WP ROBOT Plugin and you should also select which content you want. With its help, whatever content was published on that website. All those posts will also become automatic posts on your news site and will spin that post a little bit so that both the posts do not look the same.


So in this way you can publish automatic content on the news site. After that you can earn money by doing Google AdSense in other similar ways. And when you start earning good money in this way, then you can also prepare a team and publish the manual content itself.


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