How to lock your sim card

Everyone in this world knows about SIM cards. So basically it is a subscriber identification module meant for identification of your service portal in telecom technology. Today world a number of frauds are increasing day by day. So everyone lock their mobile with pattern lock, but they forget to lock their Sim with a lock. By which the frauds use these Sims for their criminal offenses. In this article i saw you “what is sim card lock” and “How to apply sim card lock” and “what is puk code” or “how to find your service telecom puk code” and about “solution of permanent Sim card block”.

Mobile sim card is the key to your service ,but if your sim is protected with a sim card lock then no one can access it without your permission. Basically it helps you if your phone is stolen by anyone then no one can access your sim without your permission.

So today I will share with you about (“what is puk code”) and (“what is sim card lock”) and (“How to solve permanent sim card blocks”).

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Content :-

  • What is a sim card lock ?
  • What is a puk code ?
  • Sim card blocked permanently solution.
  • What is the default pin for your sim ?
  • code for airtel provider .
  • Default code for Vodafone provider .
  • Default code for Aircel jio .
  • Sim card unlock method .
  • How to get puk code ?

What is sim card lock :-

Sim card lock is a best security feature for your mobile, because when you set up sim card lock on your phone whenever you switch on your phone it asks you for password if you have the code then only you can use your phone easily. Without this code you can not access your phone . So as per my idea it is best for your sim to protect from unauthorized users’ hands.

Note :- ( You can enter ten time code only , if you timed out then your sim will permanently get blocked and ask for puk code of your sim . For this you have to know (“How to get your puk code of your sim“).

How to get puk code of your sim :-

Puk code full form is (personal unlocking key), This is a short code which is used to unlock your sim from permanent ban. This puk code is asked when you enter the wrong password multiple times in (sim card pin) then it asks for a puk code. You have to enter the puk code of your sim.

When puk code is asked for your sim to unlock, you have to carefully enter your puk code. Again if you enter the wrong puk code multiple times then it blocks your sim permanently and you never again use this sim. So today i share you ( “How to get puk code of your sim” ). So to do this you have to call your service provider customer care and provide some necessary details which they ask about.

They ask about ( “what is the mobile number of your sim” ), ( “Address verification” ), ( “serial number of your sim card” ) to verify you after this they provide you a (puk code). You have to enter this code again in your mobile and your sim card will unlock after this.

Important note :- As I say if you enter the wrong password for ten times then it asks for puk code. After this you should contact your service provider customer care and share your details with them then they send you a puk code which you have to enter carefully. Please , enter puk code carefully if it fills wrongly then your sim gets a permanent block. Ok then let’s start “how to get your sim lock”.

How to lock your sim card :-

 1. Click on mobile setting :-

  • Follow below steps to get your sim lock :-
  • First go setting of your mobile phone 
  • Then visit the lock screen and security option.

2. Now click on setup sim card :-

  • After clicking on screen and security option .
  • Then find the “other security setting option” . 
  • Then click on “set up sim card lock option” .


3. Now click on lock sim card :-

  • After clicking on the sim card lock set up option it asks you about the default sim pin or Enter your current sim card pin, So you have to select ok to your default sim pin.
  • Airtel current sim card pin – 1234
  • Vodafone sim card pin -0000
  • Enter this pin at least one to two times if it does not work properly ask your customer care about the pin.
  • Otherwise you can search it on google or enter the below pins from search result :-
Mobile NetworkDefault SIM PIN
Airtel code1234
Vodafone code0000
BSNL code0000
Aircel code0000
Reliance code0000
Idea codes1234
Reliance jiotry 0000 or 1234
Tata Docomo code1234

By this you can enable a sim card lock pin on your device , so that your sim gets protected by fraudsters and no tension if any one steals your phone and sim card.

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