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How to Install a mobile tower and earn money

Install cell mobile tower online

This image helps you to install mobile tower and earn money.

How to install a mobile tower and earn money?

How to install a mobile tower? Presently the telecom industry is growing very fast in our country. After the arrival of Jio, the competition has increased to such an extent that now it has become a responsibility to deliver quality service. Even the smallest problems spoil the reputation of the company in front of the customers, which has become the reason for the loss of crores for the company.

Perhaps this is the reason why telecom companies are constantly increasing the number of towers everywhere. Its direct benefit goes to those people who get towers installed on their lands and houses. Installing a tower on your land or house as per the contract not only gives you rent but also offers many other benefits.

If you are looking to install a mobile tower at your home, then this article can prove to be helpful for you. In this article, we will give you information on the topic of ‘How to get a mobile tower installed’ and will also tell about the advantages and disadvantages of installing a mobile tower in bonus.

Mobile tower installation information

The biggest reason behind installing a mobile tower is the best fares and the strengthening of a specific telecom network in your area. It also helps financially as well as helps the people living in the nearby area. To get the mobile tower installed, you have to go ahead and talk to the companies.

If we talk about rent, then according to your land, the company gives you rent. This rent can range from a few thousand rupees to lakhs. There are many companies for installing mobile towers and everyone’s process is slightly different.

In this article, we are going to tell you about all the companies that install mobile towers and will also tell you how you can get mobile towers installed on your land by talking to those companies.

Contact for mobile tower installation

First of all, let us tell you that in the present time you can easily get the towers of 3 companies Airtel, V (Vodafone + Idea) and Jio installed on your land. These companies do not install towers themselves, but do partnerships with companies that install towers. The companies which mainly do the work of installing towers are as follows:

Bharti Infratel
atc tower

Although many third party companies in India do the work of installing towers, mainly the names of these companies are at the forefront. In such a situation, if you want to install a mobile tower, then you have to go to the official of these companies and apply for the tower installation. In this application, you will have to give information about you and your land.

How much money can be earned by installing a mobile tower?

The rent received after installing a mobile tower completely depends on the location, real estate value and size of your land. If your land is in some good and Porsche location which is a little far away from the people.

But if the company wants to get its tower installed there, then you can also get lakhs of rupees for getting the tower installed at your location. Earnings after installing a mobile tower are considered to be in the range of Rs.8 thousand to Rs.1 lakh.

Mobile tower installation rules 2021

Renting out land or property to a company to install a mobile tower is quite different from paying property rent to people for business or living. There are some terms and conditions for this which we can call eligibility. Some of these eligibility are as follows:

Benefits of installing a mobile tower

A better income: It is not necessary that you will get lakhs of rupees by installing a mobile tower on your land or home, but the special thing is that you will not have to make any investment in the amount you will get. You can easily enter into a contract for up to 5 years and the contract may also talk about increasing the rent further. That is, from here you will get a good income without any hard work.

Long-term benefit: As we told you earlier that you can take a long-term contract to install a mobile tower. If you are not using any part of your land or the roof of the house, then you can get rent for a long time by installing a mobile tower there.

Free Services: Whichever company’s mobile tower will be installed on your land, many free services are also given to you by that company. This is not mandatory but in most of the cases the company has been seen providing free services to the land owners. These free services may include features such as free calling and free internet.

Disadvantages of installing mobile tower

There are many advantages of installing a mobile tower on your land or at home, but it also has some disadvantages, which are as follows:

Health related problems: If you install a mobile tower in your house or on the ground, then high level radio frequencies are emitted from it. This high level of radio frequency can prove to be very harmful to health. Along with problems like headache and memory, there is also a crisis of major diseases like cancer.

Natural Damage: Although companies are currently trying to install smaller towers and less damaging towers, still mainly large towers are installed. These tall and huge towers can damage the natural beauty around your land and if you cultivate your land then it would be better for you not to install the tower.

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