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How To Get JIO Fiber Net & Plans offers

How To get Jio FiberNet – 399r JioFiber Offer

If you work on the internet, your net is very slow then jio FiberNet can prove to be a boon for you because now jio has offered jio fiber plans for ₹ 399.

The special thing is that if you get jio fiber, then first you will be given free service for one month and if you like it then you can continue it then from next month you will have to pay.

In today’s time, no company is able to give us good net speed, due to which our time of 2 hours is wasted in 10 minutes of work. In this situation jio fibernet is nothing less than a boon for us.

How to get Jio FiberNet

We will know here what jio fiber is and how to apply for it online from your mobile phone, so let’s first know what this jio fiber is.

what is jio fiber net

Jio fiber is a fixed line broadband connection, by connecting it to your mobile or computer, you can run the internet at super fast speed, you can do browsing or downloading or uploading.

Here you get a speed of 30mb per second to 150mb per second, in its small plan you get a speed of 30mb per second and as you take their bigger plans, the speed will increase.

In jio fibernet you get free HD voice features so that you can make unlimited video calls anywhere in India in hd quality and in this you are given high definition voice call.

You have also been given the facility of TV video call in JioFiber, you can enjoy video calls in HD quality by connecting your mobile to TV.

In Jio Fiber, you get a subscription to many applications for free, including Hotstar, you will be able to watch the upcoming IPL match on Hotstar for free.

How to get jio fiber net plans

Now we will take information about jio fiber plans, if you use broadband then it is postpaid, you spend the whole month on the internet and in the last month you have to pay the bill but jio fiber is prepaid, here you have to pay first. Then you will be able to use it for the whole month.

JioFiber has plans ranging from ₹ 399 to ₹ 8499 and you will get all these plans for free for one month earlier, but at the moment this offer is going on for how long this offer will last, it is not known yet.

You will use it for a month and when you like it, then continue it and start paying money from the next month.

If you take the ₹ 399 plan of jio fibernet, then you will be able to use the net at 30MB per second and if you take its biggest plan of Rs 8499 then you will get the speed according to 1GB per second.

When you take a plan of ₹ 999 or above, then only you will get a free subscription of 12 apps which includes Hotstar and you will be able to watch the upcoming IPL match on Hotstar on your TV for free. jio fiber plans are shown in the above picture.

Jio Fiber Installation Process Online

You can apply for jio fiber online from your mobile or computer, or if you want, you can also apply from my jio app, within 2 to 3 days of applying, the agents of jio will come to the address given by you and jio fiber will install.

For the Jio Fiber installation, you have to deposit ₹ 2500 for security, then whenever you return the set top box for WIFI and TV installed by them, then you will get 25 hundred rupees back.

For jio fiber installation, you visit the official site of jio by clicking on the given Jio website, here the screen of your mobile or computer will look like this (see picture below).

Now you have to click on Book Now here and a small form will open in front of you, in which you will put your name above and your mobile number below and click on generate OTP below it.

On clicking above generate otp, an OTP will be sent by Jio on the mobile number given by you and you will enter that OTP here and click on verify otp below.

After clicking on verify OTP, your mobile number will be verified here and again a small form will appear in front of you to enter your address.

Now in this form, you will enter the pin code at the top and enter the pin code, it will automatically search the state and city below, then below that you have to enter your house name or number as well as the full address and click on submit below.

After clicking on submit, the process of online application for jio fiber installation will be completed and in a few days jio agents will come to your address and install jio fiber.

Get Jio Fiber Net by jio store

If you want to get jio fiber installed in your house as soon as possible, then for this you have to go to your nearest jio store.

By going to the jio store you will fill a form and in a few hours jio agenda will come to your address and install jio fiber but if you apply for online jio fiber installation then it may take some time.

what is found in jio fiber

If you take the 399 or 699 plan of jio fibernet then you will get a wifi box which will be installed at any location in your house and you will be able to use the internet by connecting your mobile or computer in it.

But if you take a plan above ₹ 699, then you will get a set top box along with a jio fiber box, which you will be able to connect to your TV and watch subscriptions of many applications for free.

If you want to see the full process of the Jio Fiber Kya Hai or jio fiber installation in the video, then watch the video below, in this video the above-mentioned process is shown live.

So we went here to learn about the Jio Fiber Kya Hai and also learned how to install the Jio FiberNet and also got information about its plans.

If you liked this post on how to install Jio FiberNet, then do comment below and also keep any questions or suggestions related to this post.

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