How to find location from mobile number

Do you know how to find a location from a mobile number? To track the location of a person from a mobile number, we search about it on google once in our life. This is also a topic of discussion and everyone wants to know about it.

Whenever your mobile is lost, stolen, then you search online about it. Apart from this, you also find online solutions to know the location of your girlfriend, friend, family. Whatever be your reason, but everyone wants to know how to find location from a mobile number.

In this article, I will tell you its 2 solutions and that too in the right way. I already told you that you can never get the solution of this problem online because there is a reason behind it and you all should know about that reason.


How to find location from mobile number

To know the location from mobile, you must have the mobile number of that person. But it is not possible for the common man to do this. Because the GPS location of the mobile is stored on the IMEI number. Whenever your phone is stolen, you file an FIR with the police and leave your mobile number.

Whichever service provider your number belongs to (eg Vodafone, Idea, Jio) the police is associated with them. The customer service executive of the service provider knows the IMEI number from the mobile number.

The IMEI number is a type of ID that is assigned to each SIM. We will not discuss its details but you should know that as long as the SIM present in the mobile is active, the police can track its location. When the SIM is removed and thrown, it goes offline and it remains its last location.

Now you must be thinking that how do the police track the location? Providing an IMEI number is the job of the service provider. On getting that number, the police search by entering the IMEI number of the mobile SIM on their special software. This software connects to google map and the location is detected due to the sim being active.

After tracking online, only the service provider knows in whose name the SIM is registered. From the software, you can get the same information in whose name the SIM is with the tracking location and where it is said to be live now.

The common man does not have the authority because you need to know the IMEI number to track someone’s location and if you know the IMEI number, you also need to have software like police to track it.

You should stay away from people who ask to pay money to track it. Because such a website can extract your personal details and sell it to other companies. Like email, mobile number etc.

Find out where it is now just by number

You must have the authority to find the location by number. This can be detected only by the IMEI number. There are 2 methods available to track the location of mobile correctly-

To use this method also you should know about the linked active email id and password on that particular mobile.

How to find location from mobile

  1. First of all open your Android/iOS Play Store
  2. Search and install the Find my Device app.
  3. Login with the email id associated with the phone you want to track.
  4. The email id is also linked on your phone, then you can directly authorize by linking on the google sign in button. If not, then login manually by entering email and password.
  5. If the phone is still active and the internet connection is on then you will be shown the exact location of the mobile on the map. It is also necessary to have GPS ON for the location.
  6. After extracting the location, you can format that phone with this app. Apart from this, whoever has the phone, you can send a message to return your phone.

In this way you can find the location from mobile through email id. In this way you can also get the IMEI number of the phone. After login, the IMEI number will be displayed on the screen.

To find the location on mobile / computer on browser, visit website.

Login by entering the email id (Gmail), password of the mobile whose location you want to track.

This method is the same as on mobile, you will see the same features on the browser which are given on the mobile app.

In this way you can find mobile locations from the computer.

Conclusion :-

In this article, you have got information about how to find a location from a mobile number. To track location by number, you must have an IMEI number and tracking software and doing so intentionally is also considered illegal.

You can track location from gmail account both from mobile and computer. When you do this, Google gets all your information. So spend your time only for the right thing, stay away from unauthorized websites. By doing this you can save yourself.

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