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How To Fill SBI or Other Bank KYC Form :

According to the new rule of the Government of India, it has become mandatory to fill the KYC form in the bank. But many people still do not know how to fill the KYC form? If you do not do kyc in your bank account then your account will be closed. No matter how old your account is or you have just opened a new account, it has been made mandatory for everyone to update their accounts.

You get the Kyc form in your bank branch. And if you want, you can download it online. After downloading this KYC form, all the information will have to be filled correctly and submitted to the branch of your bank.

Why it is necessary to fill KYC Form

All the banks have informed their respective account holders and made it mandatory for the new account holders to fill the KYC form to open a new account. Because the bank identifies its customers through KYC. KYC means “know your customers”.

If you have not filled your KYC form yet, then soon fill the KYC form and submit it to your bank. If you do not submit KYC to your bank, then the bank can stop all your banking business including all your services like ATM withdrawal, mobile banking, internet banking.

How To Fill KYC Form :

SBI KYC form is divided into three parts :- (A) Identify details (B) Address details (C) Other details


Download & Preview

A. Fill the Identify details in the form

B. Fill in the address details

C. Fill other details

Conclusion :-

Today we learned how to fill the KYC form? Hope this article has been very helpful for you. If you liked this article on how to fill SBI KYC form, then do share it.

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