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How To Download An Aadhar Card In India

How to Download an Aadhar Card?

Do you know that you can download your Aadhar card from your mobile? You can take its printout anytime if needed. Today in this article, we will tell you how to download an Aadhar card and what you should have for this?

The Aadhar card is one of the essential documents for the citizens of the country. Aadhaar is our identity which proves that we are citizens of this country. Therefore, in daily life, this document is used for many tasks of identity proof. let’s know

Required information to download Aadhar card

There is also some such information that is very important for you to know if you want to download your Aadhaar Card.

  1. Your mobile number should be linked with Aadhaar to download the Aadhar card online on mobile.
  2. You must remember your Aadhar number.

If you have both these things, you can get your Aadhar card anywhere anytime, so let’s know step by step downloading an Aadhar card.

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How to download Aadhar card with Aadhar number

There are many ways to download an Aadhar card, whereas, in this article, we will know about all the essential methods step by step by which you can easily download your Aadhar card.

Let us know how you can download an Aadhar card from Your Aadhar number.

1. First of all, you visit the official website of UIDAI.

2. Now, select the option of Download Aadhaar given on the home page of the site.

3. A new page will open in which select the option of Aadhar in I have the section.

4. And then enter the 12 digit Aadhaar number at the bottom.

5. Then a check box of Masked Aadhar card has been given; if you want to hide the Aadhar number, then click on this checkbox, otherwise leave it.

6. Then, fill the Captcha by looking at the image given below.

7. And click on send OTP button.

8. Enter the OTP received on your mobile here.

9. Then, an online survey of Aadhar cards has been given, selecting any answer in it.

10 Now download the Aadhar card by tapping on the button of Verify & Download.

How to Download an Aadhar Card from Enrollment ID?

After applying for an Aadhar card, you get a slip. The enrollment id of 14 digits is written; through this enrollment id, the Aadhar card can be downloaded even if you forget your Aadhar number, so let’s know the process?

1. Visit the UIDAI website.

2. Tap on the option of Download Aadhar.

3. A new page will open to select the option of having an enrollment ID.

4. Then enter the 14 digit Enrollment ID in the column below.

5. Then, there will be an option to enter the date & time just below. So fill in the information here according to the Date & Time given in your slip.

6. Now, looking at the image given below, enter the Captcha code and click on the button to send OTP.

7. Now, an OTP will come on your number, type that OTP

8. Then click on the option of downloading Aadhar.

9. In this way, You Will download your Aadhar to you in a few seconds.

What Is The Password Of Downloaded Aadhar?

Suppose you try to open that file after downloading the Aadhar card by using the Aadhar number or in any way. Before showing the Aadhar card, you have to enter the password on the screen. 

This password is made up of your name and date of birth. The first four characters of your name should be capital; suppose your name is Ashutosh and your date of birth is 2000, then the password will be ASHU2002.

How to download an Aadhar card by name or date of birth?

Aadhar number is also forgotten, and enrollment id is also not there, yet another way to download an Aadhar card is by name or date of birth.

By following this method, you can get your Aadhar number on your mobile. And then, you can download your Aadhar card from the Aadhar number, so what is the step-by-step process?

1. Go to this page of UIDAI from the given link. :-

2. Here, you will see a form in which some details have to be filled in. If you want to get your Aadhaar number on mobile, then first select the option of Aadhar number.

3. Then, enter your full name as in the Aadhar card.

4. Then enter your mobile number or email in one of the columns below Mobile, Email ID.

5. Now, to verify the CaptchaCaptcha, fill the CaptchaCaptcha by looking at the image below.

6. Click on the button of Send OTP.

7. Now, a new page will open, and in a few seconds, you will get a notification of a message in which Will give a code; you have to enter that code here.

8. And then click on the login button.

9. In a few seconds, It will send an Aadhar Number to you on your number.

By using this Aadhar number you have got, you can download an Aadhar card from the Aadhar number as per the process mentioned above.

How to download an Aadhar card without an Aadhar number?

If you want to generate an Aadhar card without an Aadhar number for security purposes, then you can download the Masked Aadhar card online and take a printout of it. So let’s know how you can download a Masked Aadhar Card.

1. Visit the UIDAI website.

2. Select the option of Download Aadhar in the My Aadhar tab on the screen!

3. Now, enter your Aadhaar number here.

4. Then there is a checkbox of Masked Aadhar given below, tick on it.

5. Verify the CaptchaCaptcha.

6. Then click on the send button.

7. An OTP will be sent to your mobile number; enter that OTP

8. Then download the masked Aadhar by clicking on the download Aadhar button.

Download Aadhar card without a mobile number?

At present, if you want to download your Aadhar card online from mobile or PC, then the mobile number must be linked with your Aadhar; if it is not so then, you cannot download Aadhar.

1. So, to link Aadhar with your mobile number, visit the Aadhar center.

2. You will get the form to update the Aadhaar number; fill this form, in which you enter the mobile number.

3. Also, update your eyes, thumb impression for your biometric authentication.

4. After that, you will be charged ₹ 50 by the Aadhar center, and you will get the Aadhar card application slip.

5. And in a few days, It will update your mobile number with an Aadhar card, then you can also download your Aadhar card by the process mentioned above.

Conclusion :-

I hope you must have liked my article on how to download an Aadhar card. It has always been my endeavor to provide complete information to the readers about how to download Aadhar cards from Aadhar numbers so that they do not have to search other sites or the internet in the context of that article.

This will also save their time, and they will also get all the information in one place. If you have any doubts about this article or want that there should be some improvement, you can write comments below for this.

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