How to block ATM cards Of banks

Today almost all account holders will have an ATM card. Because at the time of opening all bank accounts, the ATM card is provided to its customer. Almost every bank account holder has an ATM card. If your ATM card is stolen or lost somewhere, you should block your ATM card immediately. But if you do not know how to block ATM cards, then there is no need to panic. Today in this article we are going to tell you how to block ATM cards.

ATMs provide many facilities to the customers. Through an ATM card, customers can withdraw money from their bank account wherever needed, they can shop online but there are some dangers too. If someone steals your ATM card, then your problems can increase. In such a situation, what can you do so that the thief cannot withdraw money from your ATM.

So there is no need to panic, you just have to send a message and your ATM card will be blocked. After that no one will be able to misuse your ATM card.

How to block SBI and  others banks ATM Cards.
ATM Cards and how to block those ATM cards

How to block SBI ATM cards

There are many small and big banks available in India that provide ATM cards for the convenience of their customers. The method of blocking the ATM card of all these banks is the same. You can block your ATM card by sending a message, calling or through internet banking. Let us tell you about all these methods in detail.

Below are 3 ways to block ATM cards, through which you can block your SBI ATM card…

1. Block ATM Card by sending a message

If you want to block your SBI ATM cards, then you can block the ATM cards by sending a message from the mobile number registered in the bank. For this, type in the CAPITAL letter in the message box (BLOCK <space> last 4 numbers of the card) and send it to 567676. … and your ATM card will be blocked.

2. Block ATM Card by calling

You can also block your ATM cards by calling customer care. To block SBI ATM cards, call 18004253800 or 1800112211. After that the customer care will ask for your bank details for verification. So you have to give the correct answer, after that your ATM card is blocked. After blocking the ATM card, the customer care will give you a reference number through which you will get a new ATM card.

3. Block ATM Cards with Net Banking

If you use SBI Net Banking then you can block your ATM cards through Net Banking.

1. First of all login your SBI Net Banking.

2. Now on e-Services, click on ATM Card Services.

3. In the next page click on Block ATM Card.

4. Click on Continue to confirm.

5. In the next page all the cards linked to your account will be shown, select the card you want to block and click on submit.

6. Then select Using one time password (OTP).

7. An OTP will come on your registered mobile number, submit it and click on verify.

Your SBI Atm card has been blocked.

Conclusion – 

Today in this article, we have learned how to block SBI ATM Cards, if your ATM card is lost or stolen, then you can block your ATM card by following the given steps. The best and easiest way to block an ATM card is through SMS, in which you have to send a message from your registered mobile number.

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