How I Made $189 Without Using Google AdSense From Blog

Earn money without AdSense .

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By the way, I have told you many times how to make money from a blog, and today I will tell you a way that you can earn money without writing any article. Proof of how many rupees I earned by using this method, you will also get to see in this article.

Using this method, you can earn money for a post based on the minimum of $ 15 and the maximum is dependent on traffic off your blog.

If you do not have Google Adsense Approve on your blog, you can still earn money from here only your blog traffic should be there.

Come on, know what is necessary to earn money from it.

How I Made $189 Without Using Google Adsense From Blog :-  

I recently found a way to earn money from a blog, where I did not have to write any article and without writing a single post I earned  about $ 189 from there. First I have made money using this method myself, only then I am going to tell you about it.

I have earned this money from Flyout, this is a platform from where you get Paid Guest Post for your blog.

When you link your blog on their website, after that their team approves your blog, after that whenever someone comes to your blog’s Guest Post, then there is an article already written there. One has to copy and paste it in the post editor of his blog.

And publish that post, after some time, money gets added to the Dashboard of your Flyout Account. Best of all, there is no such payment Threshold here, first you have to complete so much $$, after that money will be transferred to your account.

Suppose if you get $ 15 of a guest post, then you can transfer it to your account.

If you have earned $ 50 in the month of January, then by the 15th January in the month of january, the money is sent to the bank account.

Now let us know what you have to do if you want to earn money like me.

How to make money with Flyout?

So now we know about its entire process that if we want to earn money without writing articles from our blog then what will have to be done for it. If your blog also follows all their rules, then you too can earn money using this method.

First of all, you have to register on this website Flyout.Io. To register, when you click on this link and go to their website, then you will have to click on Sign Up there.

After that, in the next page that opens, we have to fill in the URL of our blog or website Https://Example.Com and then click on Check Eligibility.

After that we have to do Ownership Verification. This means that the blog whose URL we have just entered has to be verified, that it is our own blog.

For this they give us an HTML code in which we have to put after the <Head> Tag of our blog and before </Head>.

So you first copy this code and then open your WordPress Dashboard. After that, Appearance> Theme Editor has to be opened.

You are using any theme, you will definitely get the Header.Php file in all the themes, in this file you will get the <Head> Tag, after you paste this code below, after clicking on the Update File, the Theme Have to save.

Then come to the page with Flyout.Io and click on the Verify button and also complete the Ownership Verification step of your blog.

Now in the next step of this, you have to choose the category of your blog that you write related articles from which category on this blog.

After that you will also have to enter your mobile number and fill the amount charged for a Paid Guest Post.

By the way, according to their Algorithm, it automatically tells you how much you should charge for a post. But still you can fill $ 50 or $ 100. Then it will tell you right there how much to charge.

In the last step, after entering your full name, email address and password, you will have to click on the Sign Up button. After that, an email will come from Flyout on your E-Mail ID, its Account Confirmation Link will be clicked on it.

You have to login by entering the email ID and password you entered.

Now after this, you will get an option with a Blog’s name in Flyout’s Dashboard, click on it, if your blog name does not show on this page, then you have to add your blog by clicking on Add New Blog.

And if your blog has been added, then Approval Pending will be coming in front of the Blog Name.

Then after this we have to do one more important thing and that is that we can check the data flyout team of Google Analytics to know how much traffic is there on our blog and where they can get such information from.

So we get Verify GA written in front of the domain name itself in the section containing Blogs, so the code we get after doing this will have to be pasted into Google Analytics.

So after you have copied this code, open Google Analytics, after clicking Admin, after going to Property> Property User Management, click on the + icon and create another user.

Then paste the code that was copied in it and keep it ticked only on the box with Read & Analyze and leave the rest untick.

After clicking on the button with Add User, let it be saved, now come back to the page with Flyout and click on the button with Validate, Verify Google Analytics too.

After all that is done, you just have to wait till your account is approved. As soon, your blog Approval will be found and when any Paid Guest Post comes for your blog.

So you will find it to look inside the option with Offers, from there you will have to copy that guest post and paste it in your blog and when the post is published then you have to confirm in the flyout that your post is published.

After the post is published, your money will be immediately shown in the flyboard dashboard and when all the bank details are filled, then you will get your money on the 14th of next month.

Flyout will not give approval to such blogs :-

To make money by making blogs, everyone has their own blogs on different Niche. But some of them do not give Flyout Approval to category blogs.

So, if your blog does not fall in the same category, then let us know which type of blog does not get Approval from Flyout. 

  • Any Type Of Micro Niche Blogs.
  • Any Type Of Downloadable Content Like Apk, Games, Movies, Music, Etc.
  • Gambling/Casino
  • Deals & Coupons
  • Exam Results/Jobs
  • Adult
  • Any Type Of Event Blogs.
  • Quotes/Shayari/Lyrics
  • Facebook/Whatsapp Status
  • Celeb Wiki
  • Any Type Of Tools
  • Guns
  • Automated Content Blogs
  • Cannabis/Dating
  • Agency/Portfolio

If your blog is also made in any of these categories, then do not apply for Flyout too. Now there are some more important things that you should know before sending them for Approval.

  • If your blog is hosted on Blogger.Com and even if you have a top level domain, then you cannot use Flyout.
  • It is necessary to visit at least 10,000 pageviews on your blog every month and if you have an Affiliate Blog, then traffic of 2,0000 will be done for you.
  • Your blog should be at least 6 months old and 100+ High Quality Articles should also be published on it.
  • If you already enter the sponsored content, it should not be more than 20%.
  •  Your blog should have a beautiful design and all the necessary pages should be made with it. Like (About, Contant, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy)

So if your blog also agrees to all these terms of Flyout, then you too can start earning money without writing an article.

Conclusion :-

Flyout is a trusted company from where you can earn money by accepting Sponsored Articles or Paid Guest Post for your blog.

By the way, when your blog reaches a good place, people themselves email you for Paid Guest Post, but there you have to talk to them and also have to persuade them for money that I will be in guest post for so much money. Will accept.

But it keeps you away from all these hassles in Flyout, just once you have to add your blog and after that you get posts automatically. When you publish them on your blog, you get its money after that.

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Thank you sir for your brief idea. If any problem contact me :[email protected]
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