Hard disk partition in computer

 How to do hard disk partition in computer and laptop :-


Whenever you purchase a new laptop or computer in your computer there is only a single partition available that is “C Drive” . So you must have a hard disk partition so that your laptop works properly . Now let’s begin the tutorial on how to do it ,But first know what is a hard disk partition .

What is a hard disk partition ? 

What is a hard disk so yes hard disk is basically a device which is used for storing data. So if you store some data in the computer then it stores in the computer till you permanently it. 

So as per we know data is the important part in a computer. To store it on the hard disk is necessary, but  if you do not partition the hard disk then it might (Hang) your computer . So let’s simply know about the “Hard Disk” partition .

So to do it just follow the below steps carefully .

How to hard disk partition ?

1. First click on My computer then click on manage option.

As per the advice just follow it and click on my computer appear on the window screen and just click on manage option on it .

image show about the partition block in  the pc.

2. Now click on the management option.

As per the advice just click on the management option then a pop window got open. 

Show about the Disk management.

3. Now click on the c drive and click on shrink volume .

Please  note down now carefully select the drive which you want to partition. Then Right click on the drive and click on “Shrink volume” option.

Select the drive c to collect  disk partition,

4. Now fill the partition form and just click on shrink menu:-

When the above step gets completed then a pop up window will come .So just fill it with the amount of drive you want to divide it. Remember that 1024 MB = 1 GB so just fill it in MB so remember that how much GB data you want to divide just multiply it Like ( 1024MB * 10GB = 10240 MB) so carefully fill it and click on shrink option now.

Select the amount you want to partition.

  5. Now right click on unallocated and click on new simple volume :-

When you complete the above steps it takes some time about 1-2 minute then an option will be seen as “ unallocated volume” just click on it then click on the new simple volume option.

Get some new idea on :-

Then click disk management to part the hard disk

  6. Now click on next then click on ok option:-

If you successfully completed the above steps , Then a window will come and click on next then a finish option will appear after clicking on it then wait for some time .

Now finish your task to complete disk partition .

Now you have successfully divided the drive of the computer.

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