What is an SBI Virtual Card and how to create it ?

What is an SBI Virtual Card and how to create it ?

Today in this article we are going to give you complete information about what a SBI Virtual Card is and how to make it, so read this article carefully.

If you use SBI ATM card or credit card, then you can use SBI Virtual Card to increase its security.

This virtual card is designed for the security of ATM / Debit Card. As you would know, whenever we make a purchase online and after that we have to give complete details of our ATM / Debit card to make payment. But if you want to pay money without revealing your debit card information, then you can use Virtual Card.

Let us tell you about SBI Virtual Cards in detail.

What is an SBI Virtual Card?

It is a kind of e-card which has to be generated online. This card is valid for 48 hours. And you can use it only once. Meaning when you have used a SBI Virtual Card once, you cannot use it again. You will need to generate a virtual card again to use it again.

In SBI virtual cards also you are given a VCC number and Cards expiry date like a real card. When you transfer money from this card, then the person in front does not get to know your primary card information and account details. With this virtual card, the minimum transaction you can do is Rs 100 and the maximum transaction can be up to 50 thousand

How to Create SBI Virtual Card.

  • First of all login to SBI Net Banking.
  • After that click on e-service in the top bar and select the e-card option.
  • After that, set the limit for the virtual card. This limit can be made from ₹ 100 to 50 thousand.
  • After filling the amount limit, click on the terms and conditions and click on generate.
  • You are again asked to confirm if you want to change the card limit then click on Back otherwise click on generate.
  • An OTP code is sent to your registered mobile number, you have to confirm it.
  • After the OTP is confirmed, a card will show on the screen, this is your virtual card. In this card VCC number, Expire date are all given which is needed at the time of transaction.

Benefits of creating SBI Virtual Cards

Your bank account details are not shared with the merchant on online transactions with SBI Virtual Cards.

  1. You can avoid fraud like ATM fraud.
  2. With SBI Virtual Card, you can do online transactions anywhere in India.
  3. You can keep money in your virtual card according to your limit.
  4. SBI Virtual Cards is very secure.

last thought :

Today you learned what SBI Virtual Cards and how to make it? Hope this information will prove helpful for you. If you liked this information, then do share the post.

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