Format a computer or laptop.

Yes , this is obvious if you do not take my note seriously “How to remove virus from computer”. So this issue can stared by using third party app or software and it can also come by sharing feature file etc.

If this happen then after sometime your computer stared hang issue to solve this issue then you have to install new window in computer.

There are some people who also do not know how to install and delete the window also . So here I am who can help you to delete the window and install window 7,8,10 and so on. Let’s begin our article before this you should what to do before this.

What are the basics to do (computer format)?

  • You must have window setup for computer format.
  • Otherwise you must have a window cd player.
  • If you do not have a cd player then you must have pen drive loaded with a setup file for the window.
  • You must have 75%  or more battery in your laptop or power plug in because it sucks time.

How to do computer format ?

  1. First  restart  the computer and Load the setup files:-

As starting with if you want to format the computer then you should install the window first in the computer . So to do that as the computer gets restarted, first take the cd and drive and insert it inside the computer or laptop and wait for some time .After sometime there is a message on screen like “Press any key to boot from CD or DVD” then just click any key on the keyboard after this window get install .

But if you install the window by “Bootable pen drive “ then just click on “F12” key and after that choose the option of “HDD USB” then automatically install the window setup in your computer .

  1. Now select the language and click on install :-

After doing everything successfully then press any key on your keyboard then a blue screen comes on your screen where you set up your regional language or (“English United States”) and leave other options as it is .After all is done then click on “Install Now” option.

  1. Now click on custom option:-

When installation completes then there is a pop window coming with two options: you just click “Custom Option”.

  1. Now select the drive and format it:-

After doing successfully this a pop up window will come up select c drive then just install it there.

  1. Now click on format drive and click on next:-

When the drive gets formatted then you have to install the window in a drive so select a drive where you want to drive it. After all is done click on next  then the window installation gets started.

  1. Now wait for some time for successful installation:-

Now wait for sometime after successfully done everything your windows will be ready to work now.

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