How to know UAN number from Aadhar card. Find UAN Number

Do you want to know about how to find a UAN number from your Aadhar card (how to find a UAN number by aadhar card).

If you are a government employee and have a PF account then you should know about the UAN number.

Through UAN number, you can see your PF balance, withdraw money online from PF bank account, there are other things in which you need UAN (Universal Account Number).

Find UAN Number With Aadhar Card .

Important things to know about UAN number

To extract UAN number, your mobile number should be linked to your PF account and it is also necessary to link Aadhar to Pan card. Apart from this, before doing this process, check whether the PF account is linked with your Aadhar number or not.

If your Aadhar card is lost then you can download it from UIDAI Aadhar official website. To remove e-aadhar, your mobile number should be registered with Aadhaar, only then you can get aadhar card through OTP.

PF and UAN numbers are different. PF i.e. Provident Fund account number which is linked to your salary account and UAN number i.e. Universal account number which is given to every government employee to access online accounts. If for some reason you change the job, then only your PF number changes, it has no effect on the UAN number.

You must have UAN, through which you can activate UAN. If you do not have a UAN number, then you can get it from your HR department. UAN number is not activated already, you can register and activate it from the UAN portal.

In this article you will know “How to find UAN Number From Aadhar card”,“Find uan number from Aadhar Card”.

How to know UAN number from Aadhar card 

To know the uan number from aadhar card, follow all the steps given below carefully. To extract UAN number, you must have a computer, it is not required, you can find it by opening the website on any browser from mobile.

1. First of all visit the UAN portal website- .

2. On the homepage, you will see the Important Links section. From there click on the “Know your UAN” option.

3. Fill whatever mobile is linked with PF number. Enter the Captcha code and click on Request OTP.

4. OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number. Type OTP and fill the captcha code again and click on the Validate OTP button.

5. On the next page, type your name, date of birth, Aadhar card, PAN, Member ID, choose any one of the options available with you and fill that number.

6. Enter the Captcha code once again and click on the “Show my UAN” button. Keep in mind Name, Date of Birth, Aadhar card, PAN, Member ID all things should be linked to PF account, if anything present here is not linked to your PF account then you will not be able to know your UAN number.

You can see the UAN number on the computer screen as soon as you press the Show my UAN button.

conclusion :-

In this way you can get your lost UAN number sitting at home. If you want to withdraw money from the account, then only a UAN number can help you. You do not know anything about UAN number, then you can ask the PF HR department about it.

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