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Extramovies website is a very popular website where you get to download all types of bollywood free movies, hollywood free movies and hindi dubbed movies. But this website also works like other movies downloading websites such as bolly4u and 9xmovies.

The people of our country want everything for free, whether it is to download movies or to download and watch a web series. But it is wrong to do this because a lot of money is spent by many people to make a movie and when a new movie is released as soon as its pirated version gets leaked, it directly affects the earning of movies and their producers as well as movie theaters. Happens also. But still people like to download free movies. Here they get all types of movies for free, there is no problem in downloading them.

Extramovies website, however, also states in its disclaimer that their website does not violate any copyright policy in any way because no movie of any kind has been stored on their server. Although this is also true in a way, it is still promoting piracy in some way or the other, due to which they also have to face problems like domain blocks. But still this website is completely online at this time and anyone can access it. Because of which traffic can be calculated in millions of income day here. Which is much more than other blog and service websites.

Extramovies- Download Hollywood, Bollywood Movies online in 2021.

So let us now know a little about it in detail, what is the extra movies website, what type of movies you will get to download here and why the government is unable to ban such websites.

Information about Extramovies website and information about movie download.

Extra movies website is a free movie downloading website from where you can download any type of movie, dubbed movies, comedy movies, dual audio movies. Although this website says that these people do not violate any kind, if they provide spammy download links through their website, then it is also considered illegal in a way because it promotes piracy free movies download. . But still people like this website a lot because all the content here is available to download for free.

If we talk about the interface of the extra movies website, then here you will get a list of all types of new release movies on the home page and you will find all types of movies categories on the top from where you can download the movie of your choice by choosing the category of your choice. can do.

If you have to download the movie from extra movies website then its process is easy, you just have to select your favorite movie and click on it, then you will come to the next page where you will get to read some details of movies. By scrolling down, you will get all the download links of the movie, by clicking on any of which you can download the movie.

How many types of movie categories are available on the Extramovies website?

You do not get to see many categories of movies on Extra Movies website, here only you will get to see only some popular movies categories, such as bollywood movies download, hollywood movies download, dual audio movies download, animated movies download which is available That other websites like bolly4u and 9xmovies provide very little content. But still people like it a lot as free movies downloading websites. Because of which the number of people downloading movies from here is very high.

If you are fond of watching free hollywood movies download or bollywood movies download or if you are fond of downloading and watching dual audio movies then extramovies website is a very good website for you. But there is only one wrong thing here that comes under the category of piracy which is considered as illegal work.

If you want to download a movie from here, but if that movie is not available there, then you can also put a request for it on the website of extramovies. Or if someone is happy in your mind, then you can also ask them through email.

How an Extra Movies site makes money without AdSense.

This question must also come in your mind that if this is an illegal website then how would they be monetized or how would extra movies and other websites like it earn money, then here I will make it clear to you that if you want to promote piracy or Then through your website providing information about pirated links or copy content and things related to hacking or any kind of content or information related to it, then your site will never get approval of google adsense and even if you get your approval then Your adsense account will be suspended in a few days.

So now the biggest thing comes that how do these movie websites earn, the answer is that the policies of some ads networks are different, whose approval is received by these websites and you must have always seen that whenever you are looking for extra movies or its Like when you click on a movie link on any other website, first a link starts opening in the new tab which is a pop up ad, it deactivates for few seconds after the click and becomes active again.

So here all these free movies downloading websites use pop up ads. from which they earn.

300MB Bollywood and Hollywood Movies Download Online 

Talking about 300mb movies, here you do not get to see any 300mb movie category and all the movies you get are only HD movies to download but the same if we talk about dual audio and dubbed movies then I want to tell you here that there is not much difference between dual audio and dubbed movies.

Dual audio movies are those movies in which two types of audio have been given such as Hollywood movies, some people like to watch in Hindi, some in English and if a person downloads the same movie in two different languages. So both his data and time are wasted, here two types of audio are given in the same movie so that the person who likes to watch the movie in the language, can select that language and watch the movie.

Now if I talk about dubbed movies, then it is present in only one language and you do not get the option to change any language there.

Is it legal or illegal to download movies from extramovies sites?

If the question is still arising in your mind whether this website is legal or illegal, then for your information, let us tell you that this website promotes illegal links, due to which it comes in the illegal category and the url of this website That is, the domain name has been blocked on search engines like google and bing, yahoo. However, there are very few times that their domain name or their hosting is suspended. Today’s people say that the owners of websites have become very smart and those people have also been able to manipulate search engines like google, which would have had the effect that even after their website was blocked, after a few days again, Starts ranking in google.

So far, search engines have been unable to control piracy completely because the internet is a world where it is very difficult to control anyone and it is as easy to hide here. You must have heard every day that someone’s money or privacy has been stolen through the internet. Many times hackers also resort to movie websites to do this work. That is why you should always stay away from illegal websites so that you do not have to compromise with your privacy in the pursuit of free.

Why has the government not been able to ban the pirated movies website and who suffers due to it.

It is not that the government has not taken any step against piracy and piracy, but here the problem comes that the world of the internet is very different and big where the dark web has more secrets and often people who do piracy of movies. Most of them are knowledgeable about the dark web and know how to keep themselves safe on the internet. Because most of them are highly educated and have very good knowledge of computer science.

Nevertheless, efforts are made by the government and cyber cell to track people spreading such piracy.

If the biggest loss is faced due to piracy, then it is the producers of the movies, who have to spend all their money and when any latest movie gets leaked online, people start watching free movies by downloading so that their tickets do not sell. It is not sold and along with this movie theaters and government also have to face losses. When tickets are not sold, the government does not even get the per ticket tax that comes.

Precaution before downloading movies from extramovies :

Always when you download a movie from a pirated website which is illegal, then you should always check the files properly that there is no virus present in it and always keep your computer’s antivirus active while downloading so that if it has If any kind of virus is present, then your antivirus should handle it and you and your computer should be safe.


I would advise all of you that if you want to download or watch any kind of movie online, then always do it by visiting any legal website because if you download any movie from pirated website then through it. There are many chances of getting virus in your computer or mobile and your data can also be stolen.

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