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In today world modern technology get developed more and more, so many kind of bugs and virus get developed in internet ,So today I will show you how make computer free from virus problem.

When a virus enters our computer then it works very slow and gets hung also so it is your job to get the virus from your computer .If this work is not done then , congratulations ! your pc also gets infected by it then your pc gets damaged by it. 

Note:- If you want to know about virus “click on It

Where did  this virus come to the computer ? :-

Computer viruses can enter your computer through many ways and also these viruses can come up with Zip files , images or by help of any external device like ( pen drive , hard disk , SD cards etc. ). Lets know about some of them :-


The great chance of coming viruses are generally on the internet , because if you download any file then yes without your knowing some viruses can come up with this file . 

External device :-

Some time if we receive and share some file with our relatives and friends then there is a great chance of a virus entering our computer due to external device use .

Crack software :- 

There are many people who use crack software and install them in computers and by this crack software there is a threat also come up with it i.e.- virus . So try to avoid crack versions of software. 

To delete viruses from the computer there are many software  present in the computer . So as per they say they completely delete 100% of the virus , but it’s fake! Because  there are some viruses which could not be visualized by those software .

Let i tell you which is best software to use and delete all those virus if you want free Anti- virus then tell me i will make it or in some time i might update this blog , but for now i would like to go with paid version ,Yes that is true if you go with paid & premium version then if  any problem or any damage come to your computer by any virus then you make a complaint against the company and also get compensation by that company so always try to use money for one time and get safe for life time or not to go through free version . Yes they also do work but if any problem occurs then you can not get any refund or anything . I like to go with – “MalwareBytes-Anti Malware “ Also this is a paid service, but you use it for free by going with a premium service for 14 days and use it to make your computer virus free . 


  1. Install Malwarebytes software :-

First below the link click it and install it .

Download Virus remove software 

  1. On the software and install it :-

After successfully installing , Look whether it is asking for an update or not (Please update it if it is asking for ). After installing, click on the “scan now” option . 

  1. Now select on virus and click on quarantine virus :-

After install this wait some time it shows you all virus list check this out and clear it from your computer. 

Conclusion :-

At all we know that if we use internet then by downloading third party app we get much chance to encounter with different kind of computer virus and also by sharing and receiving files from external devices like pen drive , SD card then virus can also enter through this so you must have download some Anti-virus in your computer but unfortunately these software could not recognize all kind of virus , So you use  Malwarebytes- Antivirus software so that your computer get virus free and you use and surf the internet without any doubt .

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