Break your pattern lock

In android system there are security feature like pattern lock and pin to secure your phone. So that no one can access your phone without your permission. This mobile pin and pattern lock also helps you to save your phone from unauthorized users, but sometimes this creates issues like- if anyone forgets his own pattern lock or pin then they could not access their valuable data or phone. So today I will share with you about ( “how to unlock any android mobile” ) and how to reset your phone.

There is another idea that if you remember your Email id then also you can recover your phone by resetting your pattern lock. I will make another article on it, but now i say how to reset any android phone like :- vivo, Oppo, Samsung, Sony or other companies you can break the pattern lock easily without any use of pattern lock breaking software. Today’s article I share with you how to break your pattern lock easily without any use of laptop or computer.

How to break mobile pattern lock :-

1. Switch off the phone :-

  • Switch of the phone
  • Now click power button + volume up button

Now switch off the phone then switch on it ,but press the power button with volume up button. When the screen is on it opens the boot builder option. 

Note :- 

Please note it when you do this your data, photos and videos will remove from your phone. So you must back up all your important data in your memory set up or cloud option.

2. Now wipe data or do factory reset :-

  • Note it here touch could not work .
  • Use the volume up and down button to select.
  • Use the volume down button and select the Data wipe/reset option.
  • Now use the power button to select the factory reset option.

When your phone is under recovery mode option then note that your touch could not work. So use volume up and down button to navigate and visit the factory reset option and select it with power button.

3. Now select yes option with power button :-

  • Select Volume down and navigate yes option.
  • Now select the power button option.

You have got many options for No. to format a phone. You have many options for No, but select Yes button by using volume down button and select it by using power button. Then your phone will completely format and recovery mode screen will come up on screen .

4. Select reboot option by using power button option :-

  • Wait for 4 to 5 minute to system reboot.
  • Now select system reboot now option.
  • Now press the power button option.

When you show the system recovery mode option, you have to reboot your phone then press the power button and it will completely format your phone . Note that this will completely factory reset your phone and make it a completely new phone.

As per i say if you follow the above steps carefully, then your phone will completely factory reset and you can use your phone now without any password or pattern lock. Now a  question arises what to do if it asks for FRP( Factory Reset Protection) . This FRP needs email and password to verify you, but no worry I will write an article on it ( “How to bypass google verification” ) and this basically seen in Samsung phones only.

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