How to buy and sell Bitcoin

Nowadays bitcoin is more popular than any other popular crypto coin. Once upon a time bitcoin price was so low that no one wanted to invest in Bitcoin, but now this is so popular that everyone wants to invest in Bitcoin . Whatever the current situation is, but many people do not know that how to invest in these kind of crypto coins. In today’s article I share you about How to invest in Bitcoin, What is bitcoin, How to buy and sell Bitcoin and about what is the current price of one bitcoin and is it legal to purchase bitcoin .

Once upon a time one bitcoin cost you nearly around 0.003$, At that time there is no value of bitcoin is, But now if you purchase a single bitcoin it can cost you around 59,702$ you can imagine now that where is 0.003$ and 59,702$ is. So today I share is what is bitcoin and what is reason behind price hike of bitcoin and who invented this coin. Let’s begin .

Bitcoin purchase

If we are talking about bitcoin it is a worldwide spread virtual crypto currency. which can not feel and touch by hands Basically it is an encrypted currency not like Dollar, Pound, Rupees etc. This currency only can be stored in a bitcoin wallet and can be use at the time of need, but there is an exception that the price fluctuates every day. So is it safe to use as per my idea yes or no also, because a currency and paper note is fix of price like (1$, 100€, 1000₹) .,but the bitcoin price is not fixable and it fluctuates everyday so there is always a price issue. The safest part is you have to pay no tax and no one can record your purchase details also and there is no chance of theft of your money.

This bitcoin is decentralized currency which means no company and government can establish their rights on it. By which any person can use this currency without any help from the bank and not to pay any service and tax charges for payments. This coin is invented by Satoshi nakamoto

In 2009 and till then the price was only 0.003$, but Now the price has hiked up to 59000$ till now and it also hiked more price. So now we discuss how to buy bitcoin and what kind of documents you needed to purchase these kinds of coins.

Use of bitcoin :- 

  • By using bitcoin you can purchase anything online .
  • You can use bitcoin as a method of investment and if  you are an investor and want a good return then you can use this as a method of investment.
  • You can convert bitcoin in your currency money and you can transfer it to your bank.

1.what is the current price of bitcoin rate :-

Bitcoin Live rate .

So if you want to know what the current price of Bitcoin is, Then you have to check this price in google . By this you have to search what is the price of 1 bitcoin in your currency like dollar, euro, Inr etc. So by this you have to search (1 bitcoin price in inr) this helps you to know the price rate of Bitcoin.

Or you can check the rate by  “clicking this” .

2.Documents needed to purchase bitcoin :-

If you are an Indian then you need some documents to buy and sell Bitcoin. Let’s know what important documents you needed to purchase this kind of coin.

  1. Voter id card .
  2. Aadhar card.
  3. Pan card.
  4. Phone number.
  5. Bank account details.

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3.How to buy and sell bitcoin :-

To Buy and Sell bitcoin you must have a secure KYC account in your bank or if you purchase anything online before then also you can buy or sell bitcoin.

Many websites are present like or or apps are present called coinbase or coin switch app present both for IOS and android.

These platform helps you to buy and sell bitcoin like crypto currency.

4.To purchase bitcoin follow the below steps –

  • Sign up in website –

So the first step is two register yourself in these websites or apps . By which you can purchase or sell bitcoin in your wallet and easily invest in these coins. Last step is to enter a mobile number and sign-up in these apps .

  • Upload documents

The next step is to upload documents like – Aadhar card and Pan card and after successful submission. You have to wait for 24 hour for email confirmation.

  • Now fill bank details and transfer money –

After successful activation of your account, Now you can transfer the money and purchase coin as per requirement.

After this now you can purchase any crypto coin which you want to purchase.

  • Now purchase bitcoin-

After deposit of money it will seen in your dashboard. This money you can use to purchase any crypto currency in market.

How to sell bitcoin and where to sell –

As you buy the bitcoins the same as you can sell these bitcoins on the same website. Just you have to visit your wallet website and click sell option and sell as per your requirement. Now this money will transfer to you with in 3 to 4 working days.  


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