After installing wordpress to your blog site. The first job is to choose a theme which suits your blog presence and can easily be accepted by seo ranking . Then the next job is to choose plug-ins for your wordpress, But many bloggers waste their time choosing a theme .As a professional blogger you first choose the best plugins which can suit your sites. In today’s article i suggest you best 5 plug-ins which are used by professional bloggers or many bloggers.

Note-(“How to choose a theme” i make another blog on this topic)

Plug-ins is used to make your blog more seo friendly , which can help you drive more traffic to your blog. So if you are a beginner i suggest you this article “ 5 Best settings for wordpress”.In this article i saw you basic settings by which you can make your blog more seo friendly.Let’s begin our today article best plug-ins for your wordpress sites.

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Best plugins for (WordPress) :- 

1. Yoast SEO WordPress plugins  :-

Yoast seo is the basic of every plug-ins. There are no bloggers present who did not use yoast plug-ins. It is the most popular plug-ins,it helps you to write a content more seo friendly and by help of this you can drive more traffic to your blog. Basically it is in two modes one is free and another one is premium , i suggest you if you want to drive as a professional blogger then go for premium one ,but if you are a beginner then use the free version .It allow you more features to drive your content more seo friendly,if you do not know how to set up it then check my article “How to set up yoast seo plug-ins”.

Key features of yoast seo plug-ins :-

  1. It can easily optimize your wordpress blog.
  2. You can analyze your content in real time .
  3. Premium versions can access you more features.

2. Jetpack plug-in by WordPress :- 

Jetpack plug-in is the most popular plug-in in wordpress. This has more than 1 million downloads on wordpress.So it basically helps your blog to load more fast and helps your blog to get more secure on the internet.The jetpack is in two versions free and premium one.

Key features of jetpack-plugin  :-

  1. BY help of jetpack you can get your real time traffic on your blog.
  2. It helps you to protect your sites .
  3. It helps you to optimize and speedup your sites.

3. Akismet plug-in  :-

Akismet plug-in is the best plug-in if you do not want spam comments on your sites. So basically you first activate this plug in then as per your budget you may go for prime one or might follow the free one where you just activate the key or might read up this article “ how to set up akismet plug-in” .By this you also get safe from hacking of your site.

Key features of Akismet plug-in :-

  1. It checks all visitors’ comments and seeks your permission and after allowing it publishes the comment .
  2. Block spam comment.

4. Wp super cache plug-in :-

Wp super cache makes html files of your site and helps to load fast of your page and increase the page index of our sites .So by this your page gets more index on the search engine which helps you to increase more traffic to your blogs .

Key features of wp super cache plug-in :-

  1. It generates visitors’ static html page .
  2. It increases the speed  of your sites .

5.Contact form 7 plug-in :-

Contact form allows your visitors to contact you. This is the most used plug-ins by many professional bloggers to contact their visitors .

Key features of contact plug-in :-

  1. This feature allows you to make contact with your visitors.
  2. This allows spam filters, so that no one can send spam contact . 

Hence this is all about 5 best premium or free  plug-ins used by many bloggers to make their blogs more professional and to make content SEO friendly and drive more traffic to their blog sites.

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