Best CDN for WordPress Blog :-

Best CDN Services for WordPress Blog :-

Best CDN services for WordPress Blog: We knew about CDN in a previous article, today we will know about some popular CDN services. In whole words, we call CDN a Content Delivery Network whose servers are spread everywhere in the whole world. Users who take knowledge from the blog quickly load the contents of their favorite blog on their browser, so that users do not have to wait for the site to load for a long time. And they can easily and quickly see their favorite blog.

What is a CDN Service :-

The main duty of CDN services is that it stores the static information of a website or blog in all its servers such as images, links, videos, contents etc., whenever a user visits that website or blog then the user and the CDN service provider connect with their nearest CDN server so that there is no delay in loading the blog or website page and users are able to access the contents of the blog very quickly. The sooner the page load of your blog or website is loaded, the more and more users will be attracted to your blog.

Best CDN Services for WordPress Blog :-

All types of CDN services are present on the Internet, from small to large. It is a little difficult for bloggers to choose the right CDN service for their blog. Bloggers are very confused about whether to take paid CDN service or choose free CDN service for their blog. To overcome this problem, I have prepared a list of 5 best CDN services for WordPress here.

1# MaxCDN

Out of all the CDN providers present in MaxCDN Internet, there is a very good CDN service provider, most bloggers use MaxCDN for their blog or website. This increases the loading of your site and helps in reducing the load of your main server. The process of setting MaxCDN in your blog is very simple and simple. It takes at least 5 minutes to set it in your blog.Its data centers exist all over the world. Many of their servers are also present in North America and Europe. MaxCDN costs start at $ 9 a month and provide 100 GB of bandwidth for a month. If you do not like its services, then they give you a guarantee to return the money for 30 days. [Link]

2# CloudFlare 

CloudFlare is a free CDN service provider which increases the loading speed of your website quickly and protects your website from online hackers and spammers. CloudFlare also takes very little time to sign in. And as soon as you sign in, the static details of your blog are automatically copied to its servers. CloudFlare’s servers are also present all over the world, which is very close to your visitors, which is why it improves the loading speed of your blog and attracts visitors to your blog. [Link] .

3# JetPack Photon

Photon is also a free CDN service. If you do not want a complete CDN service for your blog, but still you have to increase the speed of your site, then you can use this service for free. If too many images have been used in your blog or website, then Photon CDN service will be the right decision for your blog as this service helps in loading your images quickly. To activate Photon’s service in your blog, you have to activate the Jetpack plugin by installing it. Only after Photon becomes active, all images of your blog are automatically stored in its servers. This reduces the load of your web host and increases the loading speed of your blog. [Link] .

4# Incapsula

Incapsula is a cloud-based CDN service provider. Incapsula provides services like security, DDoS protection, load balancing to the website or blog using a global content delivery network. By using this service provider, it protects your blog from online threats and malware attacks. Incapsula CDN service stores the static and dynamic details of your blog in your server, which all other CDN services do not provide such facility. Incapsula CDN service you will get free on the net, just you need to activate this service. [Link] .

5# CacheFly

CacheFly is the fastest and secure CDN service provider for WordPress blog. CacheFly sends the contents of your website to users in a very fast and efficient manner. It has service centers in 40 places all over the world, which are active all the time so that you can send data to your visitors as soon as possible. Due to increased traffic in the website or blog, this CDN service reduces the loading speed of the site and reduces the sending of your media content to the end user in a better way. CacheFly saves the bandwidth cost of your website using GZip technology. You can do a free trial for 30 days before purchasing this service. If you like its services after using it, then you can buy it. Its costing starts at $ 99 per month. [Link] .

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Conclusion :-

To increase the speed of your website and blog and to keep it secure, you need a good CDN which gives a good experience to the visitors of your site. In this article, I have given information about the 5 best CDN services which will help you choose the right CDN service according to your blog.

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