What is Anchor Text and how important is SEO:

What is Anchor Text and how important is SEO :

Have you ever heard of What is Anchor Text? If not, there is no need to panic because today we will know about it. Before that, let us know about SEO. SEO, all of you must have heard this before. Search Engine Optimization and its job is to optimize the website for Search Engines and rank the website in search engines like Google, Bing etc. SEO is a technique, through which we rank our website in the search engine.

This SEO is made up of many processes. You can divide it into 2 parts. One is ONPAGE and the other is OFF PAGE. Now this On page and Off page can also be divided into many processes.

Search Engine Optimization and On Page SEO also have a link anchor text. People do very little importance in this article while doing SEO. But anchor text is also as important as other types of SEO in ranking a site. Come, today we are fully aware of what Anchor Text is and why it is so important.

What is Anchor Text :

Anchor Text is very important for perfect SEO optimization of your website. Many people have read about it and seen it, but they are ignorant of what this anchor text is and why it would be so important for SEO optimization.

When you read a post on any website, when you get some clickable text in the post. They are different from our regular texts. You can click on these texts. When you click on that text, you will be redirected to another page or website. We call this text Anchor text.

Whenever you are reading a post on a website on your computer and your cursor goes to the text of that post and turns it into a hand icon. So that is an anchor text and you can click on it.

You must have seen many times in our posts on our website that whenever we write an article, we often add a link to another post in it, which is called an internal or inbound link, a link to a page of your own website. Using it as anchor text will be called as an internal link. When this link is a link to a page of another website, then it can be called an external link or an outbound link.

These inbound and outbound links are the anchor text of the website.

Why Anchor Text is Important :

Along with gathering information about the content of the page and what the page is linked to, from search engines anchor text, they also see what the website has to rank for. This is a big factor in ranking a website and that is why it plays a big role in link building.

Anchor provides reference to text Search Engine for inbound links for which it should rank, it has a direct impact on the website’s organic traffic. From this, one can see an increase in traffic coming from Search Engines.

What are the types of Anchor Text :

Anchor Text can be of many types. Anchor Text is used as backlinks or link building, which increases the rank of a website in search engines like Google. With the help of anchor text, you will choose your keyword and use it with Anchor Text, then the rank of your website will improve.

Many times search engines put penalties on websites for not linking properly. To avoid that penalty, know how to use the right and good anchor text.

Let us know the types of Anchor Text: –

1) Generic Anchor Texts –

 Generic words are used for anchor text in these categories. The word generic means any ordinary or common word. In most cases generic anchor text does not make any profit for your website. Generic anchor text linked does not provide any reference about the page. This does not help your rank either.

In Generic Anchor texts, the words click here, read more, Go to this site etc. are used in abundance. If you want to increase the rank of your website, generic anchor text will not help you.

2) Branded Anchor Text – 

If the name of any text is a brand, then it comes under the category of branded anchor. The brand is used directly in the branded anchor texts. “Whenever we post a link of amazon on our website and keep the title of that link as” amazon “, then it becomes a branded anchor text. This does not increase the ranking of the website much. If you are doing link building of your website then use branded anchors less.

3) Naked link Anchors – 

This is a very simple category of anchors. Whenever we write the name of a website or other web page directly in a link in a post, it is called Naked link anchors!

Like we gave a link to amazon in our post but also changed its title to amazon.com and are using it in the post of our website by the name of amazon.com, it has amazon.com naked link anchor.

4) Image Anchors –

 You must have seen on many websites that many times when you click on an image, your browser takes you to another website. Many blogs use image anchors in their posts to refer to the image. By applying the image anchor, whenever you click on that image, you will reach the website from where the image has been taken.

If the alt tag of the image is left blank, then the search engine is unable to help it to rank the image as an anchor. There is no use of applying this kind of image.

5) Partial match Anchor Text – 

In this type of anchor some part of anchor text is used. Whenever an anchor text is used, some part (partial) of our keyword is used in it. For example, if our keyword is “Top billionaire of the world”, then we can do its partial match anchor text like this – “Top 10 billionaire”, or if our targeted keyword is “Social influencer”, then we can write it like this ” Top influencer of social media ”In this we have partially used our target keyword.

In this way partial use of the target keyword in anchor text is called partial match anchor text. These are very important in link building and are very good in increasing the rank of the website.

6) Exact Match Anchor Text – 

These are the most frequently used anchor texts. These are very important in improving the ranking of the website and are used the most to increase the ranking. If your target keyword is “Basic seo idea” and you are using “Basic seo” in the anchor text, then it is your exact match anchor text. Using the exact keyword as it is is called exact match anchor text.

Sometimes exact match anchor text becomes a reason to penalize the website. If your target keyword is “gift shops” and you are using “gift shops” in the anchor, then it is possible to put a penalty on your website.

Benefits of Anchor Text :

There are many benefits of using Anchor text on your website. If you have learned to use them properly, then you can easily bring your blog to a good ranking in the search engine. Let us know what are the advantages of anchor text –

1) If Anchor text is used properly in the post, then your page rank will increase in the search engine. The higher the page rank, the more organic traffic there will be. Due to high page rank, whenever someone searches for something related to your target keyword, your blog will be indexed in the result.

2) Even in reducing the bounce rate, anchor text plays a very important role. If you have ever used adsense, then you will know how important the bounce rate is for a website. It is said that the bounce rate should be less than 35%. If the anchor text is used properly then you can reduce your bounce rate. And you can earn good money from adsense or any other ad network.

Some important things related to Anchor Text :

Some people start using Anchor Text here and there without the full knowledge of Anchor Text. This can be harmful for your website. Avoid using such an anchor. Some similar information that everyone should know before using anchor text or anchor.

1) Keep the anchor text relevant according to its content. The more relevant your article is with your target keyword, the more you will gain in ranking it.

2) Do not link your website to any spammy website. This kind of linking can be bad for your seo.

3) Avoid using the same Anchor Texts in the same post again and again.

4) While writing guest posts on other blogs, remember that the authority of that domain is above thirty Write a guest post on the relevant keyword on which you want to target.

Anchor text remains a matter of debate among people even today. Some people believe that it is no longer useful, then some believe that it is still useful. There is no end to this debate yet, but yes it has been proved from the research of a website that the anchor text is equally useful today.

Conclusion :

I request all of you readers to share information about what is Anchor Text in your neighborhood, relatives, your friends, so that we will be aware about it and benefit from it all. Will happen. I need your support so that I can convey more new information to you.

I hope you have liked the information given above and all your troubles related to anchor text will be over.

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