5 Best Setting for WordPress

Basic setting after WordPress installation :-

To make blog design you first have to purchase a domain with a hosting plan then you have to install “WordPress”. After WordPress installation you have to do some setting ,if this setup is not done then it can destroy your blogging dream. So today i am saying you those “5 setting which make your WordPress more attractive”

Most beginner bloggers after purchasing hosting started posting without doing some basic wordpress setting. By this your content may be not optimized by search engines , which can affect your seo ranking and also affect your blogging career .

 Wordpress is basically a software , which is designed to make a platform for bloggers and saller to make blogs or sell their items on the internet .So basically it is a CMS or control management software designed in “php” language. Let’s begin our article “what to do after wordpress installation”.

Best setting for your WordPress website

Important setup after wordpress installation :-

1.First select timezone :-

General setting for your WordPress website.

The first basic setup is timezone . To do this follow the below steps :-

  1. First go to the settings option .
  2. Then select the general option .
  3. Click on the timezone option .
  4. Now select kolkata (utc +5.30) time zone of india.
  5. You can also select another time zone as per your country choice.

2.Change default category post  :-

Writing post change for WordPress website.

In the writing option you have to categorize your post.If this is not done by you. Then by default your post comes under an uncategorized post.So please change and choose best categories for your post.

3. Add ping service in update menu  :-

Add ping service for bet WordPress setting .

First of all you need to add an update service to your blog or website. Then you have to add ping service in your update menu. By doing this you have to approve your website in the search console and if any changes happen on your website then the search console result again also changes similarly .

4. Select default AVATAR  :-

Selection Avtar help you to customizing your comment section.

Avatar is basically a user picture on a website. So basically if any visitor visits your website so with your comment a picture format avtar also featured with you. So you can change this picture icon or your avatar by following below steps :-

  1. First go to settings.
  2. Then select the discussion option .
  3. By going to default avatar .
  4. You can change your default avatar.

5. Select permalink and change post name  :-

Changing permalink structure help you to customize your SEO.

By going to the settings option,visit the permalink option. Under the permalink option change your post url option and make it as short as possible.By doing this the short url of your post can index easily on seo ranking.

Conclusion :-

sign texture writing display
Photo by Ann H on Pexels.com

The conclusion is just  doing this basic setting in your blog like – changing time zone , change your default post categories , update a ping service , change your default avatar, short your permalinks as possible.

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